I Hate My Mother

My mother is such a ***** im only 14 and she is making my life a living hell every since i was a young child she disliked me , she gave me up to my oldest auntie and grandparents intill two years ago she took me back . I dont knw why and she has 2 younger kids a boy thats 11 and a girl that is 5 i wish i could live with my grandparents again . I called DCF on her 3 imes before and they either gave us consueling of threw away the case because my mom pretended liek nothing had happend . I cant wait intill i graduate in 3 years soo i can NEVER see her again . Ever since i have been highschool i thought she would change but she hasnt and she favors the other two kids my dad live in jamaica and my bro and sis dads are always around for them . I run away sometimes but then come home cause my grandma doesnt want me to be kidnapped i cut myslef and i am bulilmic . I wish god can get me out of this HELL and give me back to my grandparents were I knw i belong
johncena22 johncena22
Dec 16, 2012