I Hate My Mom

Hay i am a 14 year old girl, who lives in Holland.But origin is Turkey. Sorry if i make any mistakes with my English :p.

People are gonna think " omg who hates his mom" but i do.

My father hates my mom to, but he just dont divorce ( i dont know why) i have 1 sister from 12 years and 2 little brothers from 8 and 10. Me and my sister are on the side of my father. My little brothers are too young to know things.

When i was 10 i started to hate her. My mom never talked to my grandma ( her side) and granddad and her brothers.
My mom hated them.

My dad is the most amazing dad. I love him so much and this makes him really sad that why he smokes :,( my dad is so nice to people and can talk with everyone and is so generous.

My mom does never work at home. She dont have a job. She just seat on the couch and watch tv with tea. She never cleans or cook. Me and my sister clean the house (and my dad when he doesnt work)

I hate her so much. Everything she does it digusts me. I dont want to sit next to er or thar poeple know that i am her daughter. She is so rude to people.

Later when i was 13/14 i started to real fight with her like i slept her. It sounds weird and you all are ginna think that im a ***** but in 8th when i was 12 , i was a nobody in school every teacher called me sweet and i wa the smartest (:p no arrogance)
She invluence my grades lately.
Banumalik Banumalik
13-15, F
Dec 16, 2012