I used to tell my mom everything. But when her and my dad started having marriage issues she forgot me. Shebtakes all her anger on me when dads not home. I want to run away but i dont know where to go or how i will make it.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

<p>I'm sorry you're going through a hard time. Your mother is displaying "displaced anger" because she is taking her anger on your daddy, out on you. This is not healthy and will damage her relationship with you. If not now, later down the road.</p><p>While you are too young, to move out on your own or with roommates, you do have one option: Talking. Pick a time when it is just you and her. Pick a time when she seems to be in a good mood, or at the very least, a time when she is not taking her "displaced anger" out on you.</p><p>Tell her what you wrote here, but be sure and say it in a calm, balanced and NON-accusatory voice. In other words, don't say it in anger. Tell her you need to talk to her. Tell her how it's making you feel, when she, as you put it "forgot you" when she and your daddy started having problems. Tell her that it bothers you to see her take her anger out on you, when it's really your daddy she is angry with. ALSO, be sure and start out the conversation by telling her that you use to feel that you could tell her anything and you want those days back.</p><p>Hopefully, she will listen. Do NOT run away. Please don't do that. That can only cause problems and trust me, it won't bring you closer to your mother. </p><p>Good luck.</p>