I Hate My Mum

Everyone thinks my mum is some kind of angel and all think she's the perfect mother but she's not! She is very far from it. I am very good at computing so every little problem she has she calls me to do it not my older brother is very clever at university and is home a lot or my younger sister who is also very clever. No she calls me and when I don't know the solution or what to do she blackmails me and says Im selfish and I'm spoilt as I get given all these things ie. Apple Mac clothes etc However my brother has an apple iMac AND an apple pro laptop and my sister has an apple iMac yet she never asks them to help.
Why can't she just understand that sometimes I don't know the answer as Im only a kid and haven't got a degree in ICT. I just wish I wasn't so clever at it.
She's such a ***** I hate her and can't wait to leave home. I just wish everyone would stop seeing her for the fake person she is outside home.
Ihatemylifeandmumsomuch Ihatemylifeandmumsomuch
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

This actually gives me the impression that your mother holds you in high esteem because for her, you are the problem solver. You are the one she approaches when she is stumped. She actually relies on you. Plus, I know this one is off-topic but, wow, you guys are so lucky to have Apple gadgets each.