Difficult Relationship

It's hard to explain what exactly I don't like about my Mum. She can be so loving and supportive and generally she is a good mother. On the other hand, she can be selfish, manipulative and cruel. She recently divorced my father, and her new boyfriend (12 years her junior) broke up with her. Since then she has been depressed, we are not allowed to watch tv shows about babies or love or marriage, she blames her anger with my dad on us and says it is our fault, but she wnot get help. On her birthday my 10 year old brother spent £100 of his money on her presents and she just threw them in the bin.

My sister is two years younger and is incredibly difficult, rude, angry, stroppy and hangs out with the 'wrong crowd'. She smokes, drinks (underage) and does a lot of hard drugs.She refuses to see my dad for no reason other than for her to say she had a 'misunderstood childhood' and my mum encourages it. My dad is very upset about this and has tried to reconcile things often. My sister ruins all my most important days and makes them about her by creating a scene and she never apologies or thinks she's being unfair. She is awful to me and my mum is scared of her and so gives her whatever she wants and treats her with caution,she says we have to 'handle her in special way', because she's difficult. I thinkthis is bullshit.

I moved out to go to Univeristy and study law and things have been better,but since I got back for chistmas break my mum has slowly started to get meaner again. She tells me i'm mean, manipulative, aggressive, rude, spoilt, ungrateful and calls me the C word many times. This all happened because I was a bit grumpy when we went for dinner. She never listens to me and often makes up things I've said. She also often tells me i'll be an awful lawyer and insults all the things personal and dear to me. If i argue back she says i am cold and a horrible person, if i cry she calls me pathetic. It's very hard living with someone who can't see they're being very unfair. She makes me feel very bad about myself and I'm very miserable. I hope one day she grows up and tackles things better but I doubt she will.
oross1 oross1
Jan 6, 2013