Son Of A Psycho and Narcissist

My mom is a control freak. Always wronged everyone in the family especially me even though I didnt do anything wrong. Im mad that she does not respect my personality and Interest. She scolds me for being a fan of 80s anime. She also yells at me for being different than. She always expect people in my family to be the same as her and follow her ideology. When I clean my room, if there is one little spot or error she would throw a really bad hissy fit. It only takes one small mistake and she would throw a terrible fit. Everyday, she would throw a anger fit at somebody. If its not me it's either my dad or my sister. My mom always tries to put people down ruthlessly and also lies about how great she is at everything even she is not. Just because people have a unique interest doesn't mean you can make fun of it everyone has a different interest. My mom is no different than a high school bully who picks on people with different interest. I'm just incredabily disgusted with my Mom. Because she is a narcassist in denial, hate is too weak of a word to describe my hatred for her. Sorry if this is too long. Almost forgot she always try to make herself sound like she is a perfect person during arguments even she's far from perfect. I got made fun and humiliated by her a lot of times for no reason at all. I had enough of her and there no one I hate more than my mother I even hate her more than my bully in high school. Even his bullying is nicer than my mom's. I'm usually nice and calm ,when my mom is in my house I always am angry. She ruins my childhood, my teen years, and now my college years. She also tried to have my family under control. By finding ways to check everyone's money and bank accounts, checking those who have Facebook, email address, and what everyone in my family buys. She's uses what she knows about me to humiliate me and try to control. I ain't easy to control or manipulate I want to throw my mom outta my house. I have to stand my Moms insane behavior for 18 years. I wish my mom just get evicted. She is the reason for my depression. When asked by my mom if I love her I always lied by saying yes to avoid being kicked out of the house
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Jan 7, 2013