Why Me

I hate my mum she gives me nothing but s.h.i.t,she slaps me a cross the face puts a full tea spoon of chilli in my mouth and she makes me suffer i cant make my mum happy the only way is to be perfect and i cant be just like u im sorry mum but im just on the edge of doing something that is the end. and i dont want to be ever like a stupid mother like u im so dissccused of u mum y did u give birth to me when yr slowley takin it away

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

if you need someone to talk to him here, i hate my mom too.

I know how it feels to hate your mother, and to want to die-but I have to tell you it's not worth dying. In my mind, the perfect way to get back at her, is to live on despite her cruelty, to be successful and happy to the point that you completely forget about her.

Nothing is worth death, it's truly terrifying.
If you ever need to talk, I'm willing to listen :)
My email: maybird545@yahoo.com

And im not 16 im 11

I am 51 and consider myself a survivor. My mother is bipolar and when i was your age i was terrified and embarrassed of her. Now i have a beautiful daughter and it was always my goal that she never experienced a moment of fear, sadness and dispair like the ones my mother made me feel. Try to talk to a counselor, a psichologist or some person you trust. It will ease your pain. Be a survivior, dont let her win!