It's Like Having Another Child!

My mum is selfish, demanding, needy and manipulative! It's like dealing with a child and I don't need it. I have two lovely children of my own! She was a only child and my grandmother absolutely doted on her. She never lacked affection, yet she has never shown much towards me. I have done sooo much for my mum over the years. Far too much to mention here, but emotionally, financially etc. But she is reluctant to do ANYTHING for me. She has never helped with the children, is as tight as a duck's arse with her money and any little thing I may ask of her is too much. For example if I wanted her to ever pick the kids up from school she wouldn't even know how to get there! She shows such little interest in her grandchildren that they don't even ask about her! She is not speaking to me at the moment because for once I did not give her a lift to my brother's house with us!! The reason I didn't was because she had been bitching on the phone about me to my sister!! Normally she couldn't give two hoots about the kids birthdays. But this year out of spite she made a real point of wanting to speak to them on their birthdays! Not because she loves them or is interested in them. Just out of sheer spite so she could emphasise the point that she will speak to them but not me! I hate her. It seems the more you do for some people the more they **** on you. My sister has done nothing for my mum and normally she ******* about her to me (I just can't imagine EVER bitching about my kids to each other??!!) But now they have palled up to gang against me. They are sad and pathetic but it makes me feel depressed. Why can't I have one of those lovely mums who is interested in me and my family, pops in to say hello, helps out every now and then...So many of my friends mums are always around doing things with the kids, helping out etc. It's not fair! Why did I get such a pain in the arse mum?
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Jan 8, 2013