She used to be kindest, most loving person I knew... until her and my dad divorced. She's now a bitter, bipolar, woman who has no job and depends on everyone else to financially support her so that she can spend it on purses and cupcakes. She has no idea how to take care of herself. Ever since her 3 kids have left for college, she's done a very poor job supporting herself. She barely feeds the dog and when the kids come home, she demands us to clean up after HER messes. She always picks fights so that she can have a reason to not do anything for her kids. She will bring up matters that occurred days, weeks, even months prior. There are barely any groceries in the house, but she manages to get her nails done once every two weeks. Recently, her middle child announced that he was taking a semester off from college, and she has since disowned him. She takes her anger out on her youngest child by bringing up an incident that occurred 2 weeks ago. As a result, she tells her youngest child that she hates her and that she took back ALL of her birthday presents. She tells her kids to become adults, yet she doesn't know how to be one herself.

This is my mother.

It has been 3 years since the divorce, but why can't she move on from the past? What happened to the sweet person that I used to know?
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Same my mother has no job and was so kind before my parents divorce, she would pit me first and not herself and now she just depends on her ex husband ( my dad ) for everything and always says how "poor" she is when she gets more money from my dad every month than most working men get in a year and spends all on her self and has more time on manicures than her children and its very unfair on us. I hope your situation gets better, good luck!

These things happens I just feel sorry about your life but believe me you are not alone and not the only one everything can be fine step by step unity we grew up eventually we forget our pains that we shared with people. Motherhood is really really really precious thing I can't refuse that ! nevertheless, it could be really really really worst thing. All the best.