My Mother And I Never Talk From Months

Hello everybody,

My mother she doesn't love me you can disagree with me cos nobody knows how bad my situation is. She works to blame me all the time telling my things very nasty that I am ugly and I am.... thing that really hurt me however, I am good at heart It doesn't matter what she tells people about me. First of all, I believe in myself and I hate my mom clearly and I admit it. I just don't understand why we should have mother in home too she always gets me troubles even if I am happy she never never ever ever made me happy since my childhood she beats me in bathroom I still remember every moment in my life with her such a child she brought sadness in my heart and she kept it forever I hate you mom. I cry sometimes for her I really feel sorry for her bad stupid heart which will never change at all she's without kindness. She created my evil. She must carry this on her back. Because I am tired for being with her devil. Damned mother.
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If you need someone to talk to, im here