Not So Perfect

My mother and I have never gotten along.
I'm not saying I hate her as a spur of the moment feeling-I know I hate her.

She acts like she's so perfect and that she's the perfect role model.
Nothing I do is ever good enough, I have to be perfect like her.

But she's not perfect, she's nowhere near it.
She's a terrible wife who screams and yells at my dad like he's another one of her children.
She never remembers the important things-like picking up her 4 year old from school when it's pouring rain.
SHe hardly does anything at all other than sit around and go on Facebook, yet she yells at me if I want to be alone for an hour.
The day I was kidnapped, she didn't even bother calling the police. It took her a WEEK.
She's done too much now for me to forgive her. She acts like I'm her best friend suddenly, but I don't even bother showing her my hatred for her.
"Do you want to watch a movie with me?"

I'm moving out soon. It's taken so long to save enough money to leave, but it's finally going to happen.
She tells me that she will miss me, and to visit her and give her my phone number so we can stay in contact.
I don't even bother listening anymore.
MockingMay MockingMay
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013