Boyfriend Comes First

My mom has a new boyfriend that shes been dating for three months now. He's such a jerk to her and she stands there to wait on his every move. Not only is he mean to her, but hes a totally junkie and oversensitive. Whenever he comes over (pretty much every night) my mom makes me be quiet and stay out on the way. She'll also ask me to clean up after them in the morning. She always puts him first. Now, granted, I am an only child, and it's pretty much been my mom and I since I've been really little, but whenever a new guy comes into her life, they always overstay their welcome, are always high, and are so rude. The guys she dates are just plain STUPID. I wish she would see that, because after they break up with her (usually cheating, their wives have found out, or jail) she gets hurt, I have to take care of her and then I'm the one being blamed for 'driving them out of her life' is how she will commonly phase it. But this time she can't blame me, why Because he is 26 years old and she is 47, he wants a family, which she cannot provide him with because she can't get pregnant. She tells him ''my daughter, is your daughter, she can be OUR kid, and we can be a family." Does she not realize that I'm leaving for college in 2 years? That I'm not a kid anymore? Or realized that maybe I don't want another father thats closer in age to me then her? They have been dating three months and are already talking about getting married!
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I know how you feel, my mom has a boyfriend too. Actually a boyfriend and a husband, she's cheating. She puts her boyfriend before her own kids.