I Hate Mine Too

My mother has been so selfish ever since she got a boyfriend, even though she is still married. So yes, my mom is cheating. Lately, she's been a real *****, like today. I've been waiting a week to go ice skating, I was soo excited to go, but like my mom she makes excuses and says I can't go. It's too "cold" no ****? It's called a jacket, wear one. Your sick? Oh no, you're not, you're pretending to be, I can fake sick too. You won't take me ice skating, but yet she wen't to mall, bought herself something and didn't feed my sister and I. I had to use the only money i had to buy some food for my sister and I. Which was a ONE burger, some fries and a drink. She ate all the fries & i gave her some of my fries. I also bought her some erasers my mom wouldn't buy her. I even cleaned up your room for you and did your hair. ******* bull ****. She even left me home all alone, she knows i don't like being home with the world so crazy these days. She called my aunt and she didn't even tell her to pick me up. But yet, you remember to call you're ******* fat *** boyfriend who is also cheating on his wife with 3 kids. Yeah your kids make you "happy", then why the **** do you need a boyfriend then? She could get fired if she got caught. This one time i was at my sisters band concert and she was on the phone with her fat *** boyfriend, and she hit my breast because i was getting to close to her, and i ended up crying in a corner outside, and she gets mad at me. Like the ****? you hit me dumb *****. Ok yeah it was an "accident" i even told her how i felt about it and she got mad. I can't tell her **** without her crying or getting mad. I told her i don't even like him, but she doesn't care, whatever she wants goes with what she wants. She hasn't cooked in soo long, my dad cooks for me, does the dishes, cleans the house. My mom washes the clothes and cleans her own room. Not to mention my dad pays all the bills in the house, i mean ALL the bills; water, electricity, the house, and ect. At this point, like im so ******* tired of her ****. I don't want to talk to her.

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Jan 11, 2013