My Horrible Mother

When I was about 9 years old my mother left my father because he was cheating on her and so one day after school without telling me anything my mother had all the things packed in the car and told me we are leaving my dad and that we were moving to a different town, which was where most of my family was. So we have been living there for 3-4 years now and during that time my mother has made those years a living hell for me. I still see my dad all the time by the way. So before my parents spilt my mum was a kind person and cared for me and put me as her priorities and now 3 years later she only cares for herself. and sure she has had a tough time but what about me? she has had many different boyfriends which she spends way more time with then me and my 4 year old sister and 9 year old brother. She goes on dating sites to try and find different people to have sex with which is unfair on me as she leaves me at home with my siblings when
I would rather do normal teenage stuff, she never cooks or cleans and I have to act like a mother towards my siblings by telling them to go to bed ect and all my mum is doing is sitting there on the computer trying to find a boyfriend. My 4 year old sister is up till 12 watching tv and eating junk ect and there is nothing I can do about because my mother doesn't care and my little sister only listens to my mother and my brother spends way too much time on the computer for a boy his age once again not like my mother cares, I feel like I'm the mum around here and my mother is the moody teenager always sneaking out doing lord knows what while I'm slaving away at home. I also developed type 1 diabetes in late 2011 and my mother of course didn't notice any symptoms and I had to practically beg her to take me to the doctors where I was in hospital for a week and where was my mum during all this? With her boyfriend. At the one time I needed her most she want there. And I have the beg her to get my medication ect and I have made a few friends with the same disease and when i go to there houses it hurts me so much to see how much there mothers care and not mine. Not once has my mother asked how I'm coping or anything. No she's just off in her own world not giving a **** about me or my siblings. And when her friends are over she always tells then how "horrible" i am when all i did one time was askes if i could go out instead of watching my sibling for once.she also told my friends when I was in the bathroom that I'm a ***** and they shouldn't be friends with me and I lost those friends because of my mum. These are just a few things she does she always laughs at me when I'm upset about school or whatever and always puts me down and makes me cry and want to kill myself. I just want my mum to care about me. And I can't stand my dad either and he's rather bossy and rude so I don't think I could live with him either. My mum Is also in the process of trying this programme to try to "change" but even if she did, I don't think I could forgive her for all the misery she has put me through.
Catcat123 Catcat123
13-15, F
Jan 12, 2013