My Mom Hates Me

I know for a fact my mom hates me! She's always saying the most hateful things to me and my sisters like I wish I would of aborted you guys, you make my life miserable just hurtful mean comments. Then she acts like the victim when we get into arguments
I can't stand her.
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

my mom thinks i dont that to her... i say i hate her and things but i never mean it. i only say it bcuz im stressed and overwhelmed with homework and just balancing my life. I never mean anything hurtful thu and my mom knows that... i hope lol but trust me your mother loves you! she prob really stressed out like i am and if u truly think she hates u talk to someone about it. like a threpsits or someone like that. hope i helped!

Thanks it did I just feel like crap all the time something always wrong though..but yeah thats what I was planning to do to see someone