I Realllyy Stronggllyyy Dislikee Her.

We always fight. She tells me that im the only one in the family that yells 24/7. I yell a lot but its because she annoys me so much. I cant take it! Im going into high school next year and i dont need all this stress on me. She is ruining my life. Everyone says omg why are u so mean to her and im like im not mean... she tells me to brush my teeth 20 times in like 2 minutes and im say im not 2 years old i know when to brush my teeth. today we got into a fight in the car on the way home my tennis game. she was like i went to starbucks and i got coffee and i was like i want to go and she said ohkay cuz she had this free drink thing. so we got there and i was like i want a cameral coffee and she was like but it has caffeine and sugar and you never had it and people were like looking at me like what kind of my do u have. and i look like 16 so people were like she can get it herself.... shes old enough so i got the drink, finally and we went back to our car. I was in the car and she was like dont spill it and im like i know... i took a sip and it was really hot so when i drank it i made a weird and like unhappy face. my mom was like i know u hate me u dont have to make faces at me and im like im not making faces at you!!!!! its bcuz the coffee is too hot and she was like whatever. then she was like if u dont wanna live with me i could put u somewhere else for months or forever and i just didnt answer.... like who the hell says that?!?!? We pulled into my house and my bagel fell on the floor and i was like SH*T and she was like u have anger issue just pick up the damn bagel and im like r u kidding so we got into another fight.... obvi so i just jumped out of the car and went to open the door and it was locked and my dad was home so i banged on the door bcuz i didnt want her to open it for me and she was like whats wrong with you!! stop ur gonna break down the house and then my dad opened the door and i stormed upstairs and it my computer room. i typed in google I HATE MY MOM! and this website came up. i dont know if people can comment and say their opinion or how they can help me but if u can please help me i need it this happens everyday and it might not sound as bad as like ur mom cheating or abusing u but it does hurt mentally....
oh yeah and if anything is spelled wrong sorry im not checking to read it over its too long lol
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I understand your problems with mom I am going through this with my mother in the middle of my junior year. I would tell you to try to communicate with her, but if you're truly justified in your feelings about her then that probably wont work. My best suggestion would be to try and make sure to keep your relationship with your dad as healthy as possible. sometimes my dad is able to take my side in an argument with her this really helps. my only other suggestions is to limit your interaction with her go out with friends, crash at their place. There are always things you can do to put up with lousy parents hope this helps ps when my mother yells at me witch usually takes about 2 to 3 hours she often calls be a lousy Son of a ***** this really helps me because of the irony of her telling me this.

thankss<3 it helps me to know theres someone out there with the sames problems as me.. i dont feel aloneee