I Hate My Mum

My mum, im the third child of four to her and ever since my younger brother was born I have been cast out from her life. Everything im not doing something she says, straight away she shoutd and balls at me and always ask the sane rhetorical question of 'why am I so useless, you used to be better when you were younger' that was before my brother (now 4) was born. Ever since he was born I've never got attention, for example, I went to a presentation evening (one for giving awards) at the time I was badly injured and could not get myself to the event (the event being very important to me) when I had told her I had to go, she replied with the answer 'can you get a lift with someone else's meaning she didn't want to go. At this moment I was extremely upset, not that she would not go but she would rather have stayed at home with my younger brother. We did eventually go to the event, entering half way through, exactly st where I received my award, once I had it she said we had to leave, which meant I couldn't socialize (having my injury meant I couldn't go out to socialize) anyway back to the chase, its around months after that and nothing has changed about her, well she has become more selfish, I now have to pay for my way to school (im 15 with no steady income of money) the transport 20gbp, I now wash my own clothes with washing powder I have to buy with money I haven't got, my clothing along with my elder brother is segregated from the rest of the family's. My 'mum' along with everyone else in the family is always patronising me and my brother on how 'useless' we both are even though my 'mum' literally treats us like slaves, then once I actually ask something from her she says she is the slave. Although I hate my mum I feel guilt for her, she has always been a victim in her family, being beaten by her mother when a child, having to make her own way to places, working, she once told me that she didn't want our lives (her children) to be like hers, yet the only lives like hers are my elder brother and mine. Im not trying to say anything is my four year old brothers fault but my mum gives him the best life, all the attention and nothing for me and my brother. I can't stand to talk to her anymore.
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Jan 13, 2013