I Wish I Was Dead

I really hate my mother that i wish i'm dead every moment of everyday she makes my life like hell hallways yells at me for no reason she spoiles my other two sisters and always their in their sides. If they get mad from her she tries to make peace with them nd hug them and stuff but if i get mad she stopes tailking to me and makes fun of me behind my back, and calls my grandmother and makes her hate me too so that she will seem like the victime. I don't want to hate but it's not in my hand every time i gave her another chance or tell we need to discus our relationship she find excuses not to, so i tried something else and tried to find something she likes what turns up to be music so took guitar lessons and every time i learn to play something new she tells me stop that noise andg words like that,minister attended two or three classes with and my mum is so eager to listen to her playing i don't know what else i should do to make her like me ,andallthatbecause shears i remind her of myfatherwhich she dislikes. I really hate i really hate her.
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Jan 15, 2013