Nine Tailed Fox

theres a chinese myth about a beautiful woman seducing other people's husbands..i thought these things only happen in the movies.But this is reality.My mom had a husband once and divorced my mom and her so called 'first' husband had a child.And thats my step story begins now.My mom works in a pub.i loved her very much.She buys me everything i want..Just to brainwash me.She hates my dad because my dad slapped her once when i was a baby.Well,she did something very wrong.after 14 years..i realize she's a prostitute.Its very hard to accept that.My dad caught the other man and my mom having sex at my dad's house.(we have two houses).AT MY DAD'S my dad told me about it.THEY WERE NAKED! i dint believe it at first but the next day my dad bring me to my dad's house..and i can't believe my eyes.She has been lying to us over 10 years.Sometimes its really hard to accept the fact that we need to stop contacting each other.But i know this is the right thing to do.
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Jan 15, 2013