When I was 11, my mother made an announcement,
"I'm going away, and I don't know when I'll be back."
I couldn't help but cry for nights on end, as I never got along with my father and my mother was abandoning me.
She came back home a year later, only to break down at any given second for any reason.
She was diagnosed with psychosis, an prescribed anti-psychotics.
A year later, she decided that she didn't need them anymore.
She told us that god healer her.

I've been a Christian my entire life, but I can't stand her.
She tries to exorcise people and places, she's very judgemental and she constantly talks to herself (except she says she's talking to the demons), not to mention she's developed compulsive spending.
Last year, she managed to get a $40,000 credit card bill, and my family isn't well off enough to pay that kind of money :/

She's one of the main triggers for my depression, and I've been trying to get dad to get her assessed, but he doesn't want to do anything because he's in love with her.

She was arrested for domestic violence last year, and I have never feared for my life before then.

I'm at my wits end, with nowhere to turn and nothing to do...

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Honey I am very sorry that your mother put you through that kind of childhood. I know it is hard to understand but you mom has a mental illness. I know it is easy for me to say please try and realize what it must be like for her. (She probably does-int know what harm she has and is still causing for you). All you really can do is learn form her mistakes and when you become a mom be a better one to your children than she is to you. Please see if you can talk to a professional about this.

I understand her mental illness, I suppose. I mean, I've had depression for 8 years now; I know a thing or two ;)

It just hurts me because she keeps getting worse, and she's destroying our family.

I used to tell my counsellor about her, but there really wasnt anything he could do...
Thankyou though