Bbm-big Bad Momma

My mother is the most irritating person I have ever had the misfortune to meet. By any reasonable standard she is not the worst mother out there. The problem is she is unable to listen to anyone other than herself and her few remaining friends(she has like 3 ). every day when she gets home she wakes me up from my few hours of sleep I get so I can maintain what she believes is a normal sleep schedule. right now I get 5-6 hours of sleep an 3-4 of them take place after I get home from school. this means when she daily kills 2-3 hours of my sleep it is a huge deal. I have altered myy sleep schedule like this to minimize my interaction with my family but I still accomplish all of my schoolwork and I don't sneak out like my parents suspect. when my mother interviews me I try to respond politely and oftentimes I succeed for awhile but she is not satisfied with my minimalistic answers. This inevitably turns into her yelling at me. I have tried to compromise but it doesn't help me at all. at this point all I want is little or no contact with her but she insists that my acting out is a cry for attention wic it really is not . I don't know what to do anymore. he only reason I have gone this long without seeking a more perminite solution is because my friends are awesome and their parents teat me as one of their own and I am ALWAYS allowed to stay at their place no questions asked. in truth my friends have become my true family because I no longer feel welcome in my own home . I am 17 and have 323 days until I turn 18 and will move out but I need a way to live in this house until then because the police have already been called on me because of stupid petty **** and I don't want to go to jail because my mom is being a **** what can I do

benno1 benno1
Jan 16, 2013