I Can't Anymore

I think my mom has a mental illness my sister and my dad think she's crazy alSo..she makes a big deal over every little thing and she's extremely controlling for example last week i was a bit annoyed with her because she didn't give me permissiOn to sleeP over my friends house(I'm 20 and I go away to school) buy anyWays she has a rosary group the first Monday of the month and she doesn't force me to go but if i dont shell be mad and I won't here the end of it so I go but when we were leaving we dropped of a family frend and her friend asked me when I was going back to school I said "saturday and I'm ready tO go back I miss it" the stupid bich of her friend said "omg don't say that your no gonna miss home" I didn'treally respond when I got home my mother bitched me out saying that she prob thinks we beat u here that your so miserable being home of course since your lazy and don't do **** here screaming at me and cornering me in she tOld me to Start packing all my **** for school and followed me into my room and waited there till I packed all my stuff mind you this was 11 at night and told me that if I hated livig here then I should go get at job and go. I know this may not sound terrible but she's so aggressive and scary I'd rather have her hit me she makes me feel sO little my sister and I try to walk on eggshells with her because she scares the **** out of she really scares me I can't take living with her her scary threats and once shes mad bout something she blOws everything out of proportion any little thing like my computerwas on my bed and she yelledat me saying hOw my dad sPed so much money on a computer how could I e so careless and just leave it in my bed I could brrskr it but of course I don't care becaue I'm selfish and since I'm not paying for it I don't give a **** I swear she makes me feel awful I can't take it anymore I don't even live with her and th short tome I'm here it's miserable
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

My mom is the same exact way, im 19 and lately it has been worse than ever. She says horrible things that you just can never take back and im so sorry someone else out there is experiencing the same thing :( i try and keep my head up by working hard at my college and staying on campus as much as possible to avoid her and get a degree and an awesome job so i can move out and get the hell away from her. I reccomend trying to get out of your house asap bc she is not good for you health.