All The Love I Had For My Mother Just Went Away

This is my last semester in high school and my mother had made it just impossible for me, she says I am spoiled but she has always shown preference for my sister (that I love so mush) she says that I am just jealous and that she has no preference for anyone but every time my mom needs something she yells my name even if I am busy studying for my advance placement class & honors when my sister is sitting right there next to her and when I ask nicely to my sister if she can do it my mom yells at me and says that I am grounded and I am not allowed to see my boyfriend for a week, my sister is very disrespectful and my mom doesn't care but if I say "but" or question her she just slaps me or grabs my hair. When I don't see my phone bc it's in silence she thinks I'm ignoring her and makes a scene in front of everyone and doesn't let me explain anything and yells at me and pulls my hair, she just blamed me for deleting her resume from the computer which I didn't even touched and took my phone away.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Stay in class and go immediately to college and when you are there do not think twice about your mother's poor behavior. It is so hard because there is so much feeling attached to it. I wish I could go back and take my own advice. You will be in a much better place because of it. My guess is your mother is doing that because she already knows you are a much better person than her and she wants you to be as miserable as she. I have confidence if you keep at it when you graduate you will never have to look down your mother's path. Good luck and you are not alone.