Mother?that ***** Doesnt Deserve The Title...i Hate My Birth Giver

ever since i was little she put every1 over me always on sum1 elses side teachers, strangers, even other peoples kids.....we use to live in england but she decides she wants to leave and come to america because she misses her mother and wants to be close to her once we all get here few months later she decides to move back to england and left me and my little brother with our 19 yr old sister she kept saying she's coming back now 9 years later her *** has failed to return because of her abandonment it i ahd to drop out of college i'm not 24 yet to be an independent student my sister was never my legal guardian so i can;t use her tax records for financial aid i only got 3 semesters in before they cut my financial aid ive tried other colleges they keep saying the same thing.......on top of the ****** life iv'e had i got one great news i was pregnant i was soooo happy that was the one thing i had to look forward to in life when i told that birth giver of mine she ignores me even tho i'm 21 and she had 2 kids by the time she was 18 she got pregnant at 13 she has some nerve to talk she didnt even make it to high school when i did and graduated and i made the dean's list my 1st semester in college and maintained above average GPA its her ******* fault i had to drop out i asked her if she could help me come back to england so i can get my life started this ***** starts yelling and carrying on like a ******* so pissed all my frenz in england are finishing university getting ready to start their careers,driving,traveling,living on their own some already have families i feel like my life is at a stand still and its all her fault I ******* HATE HER!!!!!!
dianaisabitch dianaisabitch
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013