Pushing Me Away

So my mom has always been the person to push her children away my sister 21 just recently moved away because of an arguement with my mother, growing up my sister and I learned to depend only on each other and basically raised ourselves, hint my mom was a young mother, having my sister at 16 and me at 22. Me , my mom and my sister always fought with my mother, but this time ive hit my breaking point just like my sister did 5 months ago.my mom has always pushed me around and blamed me for many things like her many divorces and her bad moods, she blames me for never having money but she doesnt buy my needs my boyfriend does,but what really pushed me was on friday my boyfriend of 4 years came over to hang out, my mother left to work and we started taking some pictures. cute ones like him carrying me and kissing. i saw nothing inapropriate about the pictures or wrong. i posted them on instagram and 5 mins of them being up i get a call of my mom that also has an instagram even though she is now 38, yelling to take the pictures dow, cancel all plans with my boyfriend and put my cell phone is her room because i was grounded. before this all my mother always has something wrong to say about my boyfriend and is always calling him names, but he has been nothing but good and respectful about me, always buying me things i need and my medicine for an illness i have because my mom is too lazy to buy it for me, she is nothing but rude to him and doesnt even try to build a relationship with him or his family, i hate my mom so much and she can be nasty to me but i wont allow it to be towards my boyfriend. i wanna leave her house so bad but im only 16, any advice ?
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Get out as soon as you can. I started taking care of myself by sixteen because I didn't feel I had a choice. By the time I was 17, legally in my state, I could decide where to live. A few months after turning 17, I got all of my stuff out before my mom got home and moved in with my grandmother who lived 30 minutes away.

If she dos enot feed you call child services