My Mom Is A *****

As you can tell by the title, my mom is a *****. I hate her and the only reason I "love" her is because that's what is expected by society. My mom thinks she knows me so well just because she saw my RP Twitter account. Just because of that account she thinks I'm stuck in some fantasy world and I need a taste of reality. She's wrong, I know about the real world.

She smokes cigarettes and has said that she started at 9 years old. At 9 even I knew that smoking cigarettes was a dumb idea and it could kill you. She always says how my childhood is amazing compared to hers (which it is, but they are also similar) just because of my grandfather.

based off of what she's told me and others about her childhood, I can say the physical and verbal abuse she received rubbed off on her and she uses it from time to time with me. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

My mom always has to be right and things have to be done her way (cleaning mostly) This makes it VERY difficult to talk to her, and whenever I don't she gets upset. Especially when she's been yelling at me and wants me to answer questions. I get really mad just because of this, since there are a lot of things built up from when I was really little. Anything, no matter how small, that someone does to me will **** me off greatly just because of it all.

I'm sick of my mom calling me lazy just because I don't clean the whole house every week. She expects me to come home from 7 hours of school, do 1 1/2-2 hours of homework, and STILL clean everything (sweep, dust, mop, kitchen, etc.) on a weekly basis. This gets me upset, not because I don't want to do it, but because my mom is hypocritical. She comes home from a 9-5 job and watches TV until about 7:30, then she cooks and continues watching television.

She doesn't clean AT ALL, and when she does it's usually an unfairly split list of chores that I also have to take part in. (That only happens 2 times a year, mind you) She thinks that I don't want to do the things she asks because I'm lazy, but if my dad were to ask me I'd do it. It's simply because I don't like her and her hypocritical ways. (My dad actually cleans everyday of the week, even when he has work)

Tonight (1-21-13) I was doing the dishes when she got home. After I did the dishes she made dinner and made a mess. After she finished eating, she told me to the dishes again. I didn't want to do it, so I asked her nicely if I had to the dishes. She then proceeded to get upset with me and called ME lazy. (Note: At the beginning of January SHE made a household rule that whoever eats last has to do the dishes, and she was the last one to finish her food)

Outside of the small things, there are a few big things or just small things that escalated. Most of these things happened when I was little so I remember the major parts. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade I weighed less than 50 lbs. One night, my mom decided she wanted to talk to me. I simply told her there was nothing to talk about. She kept pushing me to talk to her to a point where she said, "If you have to go to the bathroom, you can go right here." Eventually, we somehow ended up on the floor. She was laying on top of me and I kept saying, "I can't breathe!" because it was hard to me to breathe with a 150+ lbs. woman on top of me.

Another thing is that I wanted to wear something (I'm in pre-school) and my mom said no. Me wanting to where what I wanted to wear, I wouldn't put on the clothes. That made her mad, so she wooped me. Over clothes. What the ****?

The last thing is very recent (Happened about a week ago) We were at my grandma's house for dinner and it was time to eat. So I went into the kitchen. My mom was infront of the plates and the food I wanted. (My grandma has a somewhat large kitchen so there was food on two sides) I left to wait for my mom to move, she got mad. I came back into the kitchen and continued to wait for her to move, when she did I began getting my food. As I was in the middle of getting my food, she asked me, "Steak or chicken?" I said that I didn't know. (My grandma likes to grill and use seasonings so you really do need time to make a decision) My mom began counting down to 3 and when I hadn't made a choice she made on for me. "You're grounded for a day." She said. Over food.

As you can see my mom can be a *****, and this is only part of the reasons that me and her cannot get along. There are multiple times where she's said that she was going to leave and I thought, "Good." There have also been multiple times (More frequently this year) that she's said, "I will call Child Services and tell them I cannot handle this child, and you will end up in foster care." I'm not even that bad, considering there are so many things that go through my mind where it would be considered smart mouthing her that I hold in.

I'm not asking for help here, I just want to know if there's anyone I can talk to and share my experience with. My mom would get really upset if she found out that I wrote into one of those TV shows, like Dr. Phil, so this is where I'm venting. If you have a similar experience, let me know.
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Jan 21, 2013