"mother" Who Made Hundreds Of Thousands From Abusing 49 Young Kids

I put mother in quotes because as she fostered 49 children she refused to be called anything but mommy. This woman has no idea what that word means nor does she care. I'm exhausted and don't know where to start but here goes..

I'm now 27 and still dealing with this woman. I am this woman's only biological child. It all started when I was 7 and my dad decided to quit working in real estate because he almost got caught doing illegal things. Wanting to keep her fancy 4-bedroom house, my mom decided to acquire foster children to make money. My dad stayed home and took care of all of the kids. At first, things were great because I finally had siblings- my wish with every birthday cake. After my first set of siblings left, my parents and I were heartbroken because you naturally get attached. But over the years, my alcoholic dad and money-hungry mother stopped get attached and their hearts hardened. Over the years, both continually emotionally, mentally, and physically abused children. There were few instances when children reported them- they lied of course and requested to only have children 4 and younger. This went on for years and years to only get worse when they decided to adopt the last kids. I voted against it and so did my dad. Not her. She craved the permanent extra income.

I said stop every now and then. And tried to get the kids away but nothing too courageous. Starting when I turned 20 I fought hard these people to treat these children well. I stole money and said it didn't belong to them. I punished myself. I know they care for me so I thought if I went crazy they would get it. Nope, they were addicted to being horrible people to my poor siblings. Finally, one awesome social got really involved and took my sister away to my custody. When they took her, my mom said, "Who cares, take her." This was in front of the cops and my sister. I was so close to having my friend's family take her in when this woman stepped up and got her back. She's so fake- she took all of her classes fooling everyone into thinking there's hope.

So much to say but now this woman has sent all of her children to live with her husband in the Philippines. Luckily, the dad is better and doesn't hit or as mean as before. He has his moods and still needs monitoring but he's nothing like his wife. Maybe it's better if the kids aren't with her. She's still insane with the things she yells to my siblings, "I hope you do something so you can end up in juvenile hall... I can lie even if you don't." Stuff like this is said among your typical insults.

Two days ago, I decided this woman is dead to me. She is complete poison to everyone's lives. My siblings will be 18 in the years to come and I've decided to fully spend my efforts being a positive role model. I used to spend part of this energy hating this woman but she's just not worth it.
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Congrats!!!! It took me years to realize that hating my mother was just making me like her. Stay strong, it does get better.