My ******* Dreaded Mum.

Just straight and simple, I hate my mom. You know when there are moms that are usually kind to their children whereas the father is strict. For me , its the complete opposite. She never wants anything good for me. Whatever I want she wants the complete opposite for me. Like with anything at all. Its like she was sent to this world to just make my life living hell. Like I dont seem to understand. Even if my dad agrees with me she just never agrees. Its like as long as she knows that I want it, she doesnt want it. And she is so good at making excuses why I shouldnt get what I want that my Dad who is supposed to be the fricking leader of the family just follows whatever she says. I dont know its like she's just freaking heartless. And I hate her so much. Sometimes I feel like just asking her "If you and Daddy where to break up, who do you think your children would go with ? ". Like seriously, out of all the women in the world, why the **** did my dad choose to mate with her ?
PrinsAbs PrinsAbs
Jan 23, 2013