Playing The Victim At The Pity Party - My Mother

Long story short - she's always playing the victim and is full of excuses. She has been a "stay home mom" for 20 years. Always complained that she never had time to do her artwork. With us kids in school or out with friends, she found literally hours to sit and write a stupid journal.
She has (and STILL) the audacity to complain that my father never gives her money to spend. He works his *** to the bone 9-10 hours a day, he deserves to be frugal, this economy can't rely on one parent's income.
Now that all the kids are out of the house she calls herself a "homemaker" but really she's a hoarder and does nothing for the house. It's not as bad as the people you see on tv, but it's a 5 bedroom house and she has 3 of them FULL of crap. 3 busted computers, won't recycle them because "they're worth money" but she just lets them sit there. Hundreds of boxes of papers from 20 years until now, not important mind you. Papers that are of absolutely no significance. Trash, piled high for "crafts" she still whines about not having time for (because she sits on the computer ALL DAY). Like empty M&Ms bottles and scraps she might need. Any broken part she finds, she puts it in a giant bucket because she might find the missing piece. So there are a huge amount of broken toys she won't get rid of OR FIX WITH HER PIECES.
All those school projects where kids pick their hero and someone picks their mom or dad, I would only pick my mom for maybe two qualities that she has but %90 of the time I want to be nothing like her. She tells people 1/2 the story to make them think she's the victim when really she sets herself up to fail and just wants pity. She's pathetic. She gives me crap all the time for not putting socks on my son (he pulls them off and eats them, so it's useless) calling me a bad mother but when she watched him she was putting 2 scoops of formula in an 8oz bottle! Could have given my son water intoxication!!! He could have gotten sick because of her stubborn stupidity! Did she apologize? NO, she NEVER apologizes when she's effed up (every other day) but she tries to turn it back on you. I want to smack her in the mouth sometimes because she never shuts her mouth, she follows you and pushes buttons she knows she can to get you to attack her verbally and then she'll cry and run to any one who will listen. I'm trying my darndest not to be her.
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I totally relate to not wanting to end up like her. I tell my children all the time don't let me end up that way. Yes, why won't they shut their mouths! I am at war with my Mother, and she started it, WITH HER MOUTH, and just keeps fanning the flames and pouring gasoline on the fire. And recently she has started the crying bit, to. Sheesh! And no, they never apologize, and never will. Maybe one day we will be free from their poisonous spirits.