I Hate My Mom So Much

i hate her so much if she died honestly i would be happy cause i get money she has done nothing for me she never supported my music career wich now im on there verg of being singed and she wouldnt let me even kiss a girl intil i was in collage wich i had to break that one she crushed my spirit so ba i even started to cut myself and i thought that a razor blade was the only freind i had i came out of that fase but it still crosses my mind i also get very drunk when im made with my parents i started to get drunk when i was 11 she crushed my hopes and dreams she stolen 20$ from me i get treated with so much direspect and no one does anything cause shes an angel when people are around but when they leave its like living with the a lying fat pig! and she doesnt even do anything when im hurt i was sick and she wouldnt give me medicen my mom gives my sister alchoil since she was 17 my parents buy cigaretes for my 17 year old brother since he was 16 and he finally stoped he was smoking since he was 14 and my mom searhes my room every day i felt so bad i started doing cocain and weed and cigrets and alchiol i stoped cocain and cigareets but im now an aclhoilic and i still somoke weed(wich isnt addicteing but just fun)and i did all this when  i was 11 i lost my virgintiy when i was 12 and my dads very fair and i love him(as a father obviuslly)but all he does is agree with my mom!i need help with dealing with this bull ****

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My mother is Satan if he exist, I did not had a very good childhood all because of her. she would leave me alone with my alcoholic, drug attic family that has absolutely nothing to do with me, I was alone all the time and she didn't give a flying f*** when I was 12 she would leave me alone with my abusive brother who would beat the sh** out of me. I have this murderous rage inside of me to where I want to take a big, sharp knife and stab her in her private area until it can't work anymore. Sorry if I sounded bad, I just had to get that off my chest : (

I feel you man, but you need to turn the disadvantages to advantages you know what im saying. You should use this thing in order to be a better person, life doesn't always goes your way but one way or another you need to deal with it and try to overcome these difficulties by yiurself, and you know what life is hard and you can't let this thing frustrates you because you'll become stronger when you deal with your problems by yourself. My mom always control my life and now i'm not the one who i want to be but i'm the one who my mom wants me to be you know what i'm saying. it is what it is bruh. you have to wait, we all have cracks we all have holes and we all suffer . this post was posted in 2008 and now it is 2015 so how do you feel now after 7 years? stupid right! LIVE, GROW, DON'T GIVE A **** AND DO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT!

I feel you my mom is a loud mouthed back stabbing bad mannered ***** that favors my brother and my sister over me. She beats me up when there is a pencil on the ground and cheats on my step father. now i see why my dad divorced her. she is the biggest ******* on planet ******* earth

I understand where you come from alot I hate my mom to but she's like bi-polar she will beat me and then right after she does it she appects me to talk to her and tries to be my friend I hate her so much when I'm sick she doesn't care but when my little sister is sick she rushes to get what she needs

I feel you. For me, my mother adores my brother. She never makes time for me, and even when it's her job as a housewife, she makes me do **** and hits/ claws/ slaps me when I step over some place she's just mopped or sit down on the sofa doing nothing.

Seriously. I know it's my duty to help her with chores, and I do. I help out with washing the dishes, and drying the clothes. and it's not like she does that much anyway. we have irobots everywhere around the house. and my stupid ******* brother does not do a single little ****.she adores him, and i try. I try to understand, I try to see it from her point of view, I mean, my younger brother is just absolutely fantastic and fabulous and so good at sweet-talking. but I've had enough of her crap.

we just got into an argument about how she wont help me purchase an app on appstore. and the thing is, i need the app for educational purposes. She won't even freaking take out 5 ******* minutes of her oh so precious time, to help me. For my education. wow. and it's not like she's paying. I am. I just need someone with a credit card to help me sign in.

Look, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I sound so ungrateful, but this anger and bitterness and resentment has been residing in me in quite some time and I've never been able to vent it out. Music is really helping me cope. and i'm thankful for all of you online who are always here to offer advice.

I'm sorry i sound like an ungrateful daughter, but this is the last straw. It would really help if she stops being such an f'ing *****. She should understand that I'm not her toy. She treats me worse than a wandering lost pet: hitting me with no actual legit reason, slashing my wrists till they bleed, clawing at me.

It's really time for her to grow up. Seriously.

Sorry for swearing. I didn't mean to, it just came out because of all my anger :(

my mother is the devil himself a master manipulator

I too hate my mom...she is d worst lady I have ever met...she is too money minded and just thinks money is everything. Since I was a kid and since d time I have started remembering things,thts may b since i was 3-4,I have always seen my mom fight with at least 1 of d family member every 2-3 days for any stupid reason..she never listens to others n just keeps saying things which r irrelevant...I m 22 now..and still the story remains d same...

i hate the fat women too, she look stupid and ****

to savemefromthishell ,i also understand what your talking about when we play fight she will pinch and pull my hair and wont let me do it back she twists my ear sometimes and it really makes me feel so much pain she slaps me on the legs ,arms ,and across the mouth but she says its not a slap its a tap which is completly diffrent she always repeats "i didnt slap you i tapped you,so stop crying" she says this whenever she slaps me and when i get told off and sent to my room i get so scared i hide and cover my self in my covers for protetcion,some how i dont think this is right,we should tell someone with out our mums knowin about this,this forum has helped me so much ,because ive been able to unbottle my upset feelings with pride but helped me to see how otheres feel with the same problems ;(

i hate the fat women too.

To jennylawrence and sonnythoj i totally understand how your feeling i am 14 nearly 15 and have been shouted at with out anyone caring i have been grabbed by the neck and thrown on the bed and shouted and shoved into the bathroom too get in the shower when i wasnt undressed :/,my dad can be quite understandable and kind but he never seems to listen tot my problems he just agrees with whatever my f***king mum says i once cried myself to sleep and im scared to hurt myself ,i have a few bruises from punches she has given and the next day because my dad goes out she acts like she didnt do anything,she always says i give her attitude even the slightest word i say isnt right,my mum moans at me for having fun ,i get the blame for everything even though she has childminding kids which she treats with most upper respect compared to me they are like her children the children she cant have.I have been hit around the head and up the mouth she once made my jaw hurt but not much she has also said i have downs syndrome which i dont no offence to anyone.She says im a pig when i weigh nearly 6 stone so it makes me very conscious and my self confidence is never high ,i am adopted by this mum and i just think my birth parents would never treat me like this ,I always want to cry she has oiccaisonly when my dad goes out hit me ont he leg with a tv remote and im just left crying and she shouts at me i dont know why your crying she also once made me so scared of her that i was hyperventalating and shaking with strong feara nd she tells me not to tell my dad or anyone which makes me scared so i dotn but i cant keep bottling this up im so fed up and so scared of this b*tch :( ;(

My mom is a bipolar jerk. She doesn't let me do anyhting. Everytime i give her a tiny attitude, and by tiny attitude i mean say ouff after something, sh goes insane and threatens to take me out of all these clubs and sports i do (which mean a lot to me.). one time we got in a fight and she told me to leave the house. i did and went to my cousins and she called me screaming to come home or she would call the cops. i told her i'd call the cops for her and let em know how she hit me with a broom and threw a stool at me. And its not even about me anymore. im jsut scared for my little sister and brother. everytime she gets mad, they get it. i have anoter brother who once she literally beat the living sh*t out of. whenshe finished hitting him he literally couldn't breathe and had to sit like 10 minutes before he could regain stable breathing. my dad just sat there and watched and said "stop , stop doing that". he didn't think to get up and help his damn son. he always rages about how he hates her but doesn't do anything about it. i can't stand her and i know this is horrible to say but i don't care, i wish she would die.

Ok so my mom is the worst ever she is like a three yr old cuz whenever she get mad at me she pinches me like legit until i scream for mercy and she also slaps me ive been slapped across my face before and i really want to cut myself but im afraid of getting an infection, and i want to do drugs but no idea how to get them. also she is alchoholic she drinks so much wine and my dads not any better he is a pyschopath if i dont excersise he calls me a fat*** and once i didn't exersice cuz i was doing homework for a few days in a row and he told me i should just eat mcdonalds it will get me fat faster and one day i didn't put on the dishwasher i was on the phone with my friend and i had to get off the fone cuz he threatened to kill me (ill break ur neck you b****) and i wuz really afrad my friend heard him.. luckily she didn't... ok plz help me btw im 12 help help help

i hate my mom she hit me not as abuse though shes nice but hates me and loves me a bit i need help im 12 btw plz some one

I hate that old fat fart woman. she is disgusting, fat, stupid, DEAF AND ******* LAME. she doesn't even know how to switch on the aircond, the computer and the TV. she is HORRIBLE!! damn!!!! sometimes I wonder why she's the one that gave birth to me!! every time I go to the kitchen n grab some food n water, she will start yelling, mocking n shouting at me. she is soooooooooo dreadful!!!! I cannot stand her anymore!! I feel like I wanna throw my guitar at her face !!

i feel you so much. Sometimes when im driving and im rolling over speed bumps, i pretend its her! ................feels so good

i hate my mother too. i think she has a disease in her head.

oh my gosh!!!!! those are my words exactly - that mother has to have a disease in her head! .............either that or a demon

lol - silly me (new to the site) i replied to my own post LMAO.....didnt realise that it was me till a few minutes later!!!! too funny .............but she really does have a disease in her head! possibly a demon too.

I hate my mom all she does is Drink and party. And leaves my alone to watch my two brothers! She always blames her drinking on me and my brother. Like how is it my fault your an achoolic? I don't put that beer in yo hand and force you two drink it, I'm Soooool done with her BS. <br />
For real Mom it's time to Grow up <br />
And be a big mommy now.

My moms ******* bullshit she gets ******* pissed when i play videos games and trying to put my bro to sleep and when i say something she always says my computer is my priority even tho it isnt and she onl sees me as a bad person im ******* tired of it i might as well run away and live with my dad

i hate my mother its my birthday she she went shopping for herself she took my night stand and my light for my room she broke my ladtop took the charger for my ipod she wont let me have boyfirends or even have crushes on guys i am not allwod to have a twitter or a youtube but she has one even my grandmother has one why cant i have one she is sooo meana dn she made me clean her room for my birthday she is a jinxx ***** mother ****** no one likes her she only has 1 friend she is a *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother is an *******. Point blank. I am physically sick of her. I have never had such bad feelings for a two faced piece of work. I am literally holding my breath since she is an incontinent bipolar moron. I wish she would leave my children and I alone &amp; let us get on with our lives without thinking she is owed anything.

I feel that way too

living in this situation

I can relate.