My Mom Is a Cheating *****!

My mom has always been the most loving person until now; midlife crisis. Within the last year my mom starting cheating on my dad with guys 20 years younger than her; guys my age. She lied to our faces about it for a year until we finally caught her red handed. When  my dad found out it totally destroyed him. He had no hope to go on anymore. I some how managed to keep him to stay strong this last year. But just today I found out that my mom got a restraining order on my dad and because my 16 year old brother was threating her he can not go back to his home or talk to my dad for 2 weeks. My brother is 16 and has no home! My 13 year old brother now has to stay at home with that stupid ***** missing his older bro and his father. I live 10 hours away and there is not much i can do. She is going to try to get custody of my brothers and she dosen't deserve it. She has ripped this whole family into liitle peices. I can't F***** take it anymore! Because of her ******** mom skills my brother drooped out of high school and the younger one has already been held back 3 times. She is a horrible parent! All she cares about is going out with young guys and having sex with them. What is wrong with her? Does she feel like because she's in her forties that she's old and needs attention from young guys? And my dad has alweays been so nice to her. She hasn't worked in 20 years and now my dad will have to pay for her and her f*** boys to live. Why does our court system suck?

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Sorry my friend. I feel you 100%. It's so horrifying and it makes you ask yourself, "Holy sh!t, this monster is my mother?!"

I'm a 24 year-old guy. My Mom was from a wealthy family, and had developed a superiority complex as a result. She has always expected to be handed perfection from everything simply because she was rich. This entitled, selfish attitude ultimately caused her downfall.

For most of my life, from childhood to young adulthood, she was emotionally abusive and manipulative. She was your typical tiger mom who showed no emotional support for us when I was a child. She'd expect perfection, insult me for not being perfect and simply force me to study, compared me with other kids, and expected me to get into an Ivy League. No, she was not there for me when I shed tears. Or when I was depressed. Somehow she manipulated my Dad into believing that she was only doing the best for me to succeed. Nope, she was not.

Meanwhile my Dad was working his butt off to support the family and sacrificed so much. However, my mom, when she was not calling me names, was apparently out f***ing an ex-boyfriend of hers (but saying that she was out visiting her sister).

The moment I found out about her cheating (last year, when I was 23) I snapped. I screamed at her. I cussed her out. I threw out every insult in the book. Over a decade of emotional abuse and high expectations from a person with no moral authority herself. Still, she did not apologize for cheating and was only in tears because she got caught. That's the first time I'd ever seen her cry. Crying crocodile tears. Only then did I find out that there are some sick people in this world, and unfortunately, my mother is one of them. I ended the confrontation by replying, "**** you, Mom." Then I left the room.

My parents are still in the process of getting divorced, and yeah ,the court system is disgusting. Mom is flinging all this sh!t at Dad to try to win, because she knows the courts favor women - completely forgetting the perfect life he made for her. I have been 100% supportive of my Dad, and have not spoken a word to my Mom since that day.

Shoutout to Mom: F#ck you, you dishonest, abusive c*nt.

Keep your head up, OP. Please seek help from a trusted adult, friend, and don't be afraid to even see a therapist to help you heal emotionally. I really hope your Mom sees what the hell she's done to destroy your family and at the very least feels guilty. I went and am still going through the same because of my awful mother. At least your Dad is still loyal to you and your siblings. Sometimes it's a blessing in the midst of ugliness - the relationship between Dad and you (and my dad and I in my case) can be strengthened tremendously if you're both there for each other in this difficult time. At least you have 1 parent whom you can love and trust with all your heart.

I feel you I understand I'm in the same boat so too speak My parents were married very young my mom was 21 and my dad was 39 they only dated for a short while then got married my mom had me when she was 22 she's always been a nice person she always dressed up about 3 months or so ago she changed her attatude and such she go out often return the next day all screwed up about 3 weeks ago I saw her phone and I just was snooping thro it found a video that she did a sex video she had on only her bakini and high heals this guy was oiling her up and then all of a sudden this black guy come on screen and my mom was doing things too him that I never imaged the way they had sex was beoyd any ting I never think I see my own mother blowing this guy over and over and this man screwing her in every which way I don't no what too do I can't tell my dad it will kill him and ilwhay hurt me is that no condoms were used and I hear her telling my dad she may be pregnat what do I do

I hate my mom with all my heart she used to be so loving to me she broked my heart it happen last Friday and my dad took her to work at a nightclub in another city and she didn't go work at the nightclub instead she went with this guy and they had sex it was heartbroken cause my mom doesn't want me to find out but my dad had told me then...... she got home and she had lipstick all over her face and she looked like a hooker or dad was heartbroken he told me he almost fainted I hate my mother for this she makes up to many lies ......but after she had sex with that guy she said she used a condom and **** I hate her so much I can't even look at her .....then the next day Saturday my dad told me that he was going to buy my mom a rose cause it was valentine day but he started crying and me too because she had sex with that guy he didn't buy her anything. I feel depressed

My mom is in her 40's as well she cheated on my dad like two years ago and I found out about this like eight months ago by my boyfriend who knew they youger guy my mom was cheating on my dad with. Ever since I found out iv felt so much hate towards her and its gotten to a point were I cant stand her anymore iv held what I know about my mom for to long and I want to tell my dad but im afraid that she will deny it and my dad won't believe me...the main reason why im afraid to tell my dad is because I confronted her and she told me that I would need more than just words to prove that shes been cheating...with that being said he wont belive me if ibdont have prove because that ***** will deny it all...of course he plan will work because my mom and I have been getting into fights lately and he might belive her story about how I jist wanna get rid of her....I need some advice wat do u guys think?

my moms a hoe too im 13 my dads really sick in the hospital for six months a she whoring around my advise is to make your dad get custody he'll win since your mom don't work

my mom is the same way and as her son i caught her in the act mys dad had a heart attack and while in the hospital we cant get a hold of my mom so that nite at 2 am i was in my room i hear the door open i hear voices of my mom and this guy i never heard be4 i hear wut shocked me the most was wut i heard next came outta my moms mouth she said take ur paints off im goning too suck ur **** like the mother ****** owe me money ha ha ha after about 10 mins of shock i walk down staris and c this guy caliing my mom names like ***** **** ***** pulling my moms hair spanking her he asked her ur husband where he at she said **** him hes in hospital now f****** me raw and f***** my *** baby beilve me i didnt sleep that nite as the sun came up i go into the kitchen i see my mom sitting there with her short c tri nittie i said mom i saw wut i did last nite she told me that shes been with this man for 6 months she loves him and shes goona be with him as shes pregant


Hey there I'm so sorry too hear that I have a simler experience as well after 10 yrs of marrage. My mom and dad got devorced and in court I found out that the man I called my dad was not my biological father my mom admired that while she was ingaged too him she slept with her co worker who was also her boss at the time she was a young 23 yo woman slim with 36 dds of course what guy whudent even now she's 46 yo looks like she's in her 20s sleeping with guys like 19 yo she was with the entire university foot ball team all u got too do is take one day at a time

Wow hearing that is horrible but I saw my mom getting oiled up seeing a man have his hands all over her he ripped her top bakini off and she only had her high heals on I've never imagined seeing her gag on a man having him screw her all over in every way

my moms a sex addict and is a nasty gold digging ***** just saying in her phone her text fron her bf is dont mess w woody...ewwww

my mom's also an attention-seeking *****, wearing low-cut v necks and stuffing her bras with extra padding so it looks like her boobs are vomiting out of her top and especially so that people can look at her wrack, and then she turns around and complains to me about it : " oh God! that person just stared at my breasts"<br />
I mean WTF, I don't comprehend her sometimes. She's cheated on my dad too, with guys close to my age, but I don't care cause they're pretty unattractive anyway. What I find hilarious though is that older guys are interested in me, she gets all the young immature boys, then she complains once again: "oh God! I wish I could meet an older man!" , though I'm pretty sure older men can sense she's a *****, and men with experience and class don't want that now, do they?

i want ur mom plz

Same thing with my mom. Except my dad knows. And it had happened like 5 times. She is sitting in fornt of me now I can't ever look at her fucing face, *****. IDK why our court system sucks, maybe because each and every one of them are plain idiots. Good luck. Nice to know someone is going through the same thing. I am still under 18, so it was hard for me to hear this from my dad, but he had to tell me. F-U-CK I hate her so much, I wish I could punch the guy who she is cheating on in so hard my fist go through his head.

my mom is a ***** to....

my mom is a ***** to....