What a Waste of Space

i know this is horrible and there are people who wish they even had a mom but i am sorry.

my mom is a useless worthless waste of space. since i was a teenager she has mooched off of my sister and i (we had a trust fund left to us by our dad who died).  she left him before he died and had to come back and take care of us when he passed. 

all she has done for the last 15 years is lay around and watch tv.  she is also hugely obese and just eats nonstop.  her day consists of waking up at 1PM, smoking cigarettes, eating anything, drinking soda, and watching tv.  she can't be counted on for jack shizz.  she has no money, no job, no friends, no prospects for anything. she expects me to support her financially while she sleeps her life away and it is b.s.  i am about ready to throw her out of my house.  my husband and i work our butts off around the clock just to make ends meet while she lays around on her fat *** expecting to be fed and taken care of. she wastes food, water, utilities, and is annoying. 

sometimes i wish she would just get lost and i am about to tell her.

susiecreamcheese susiecreamcheese
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

my mom is the exact same way. she doesn't do ANYTHING. Plus, she tries to manipulate everyone by getting them to feel sorry for her. She said she can't work because it's so cold outside and she doesn't have adequate clothing or a vehicle. So, i bought her top of the line winter gear during the summer so that when winter came she would be prepared. She left the stuff I bought her at a house she was staying at. I spent over $400 and she behaved like she didn't care. My mom has been homeless for nearly 4 years. She won't get a job and blaims it on employers, her lack of transporation, her wardrobe, her grandchildren needing her, etc. She lives with people she barely knows and says and probably really believes that they want her to be there and that they think she is like their long lost daughter. My mom is 54 years old and sits around THEIR house, eating, smoking cigarettes, sleeping, and watching tv. All 5 of my siblings are screw us. They are either drug addicts, in prison, social deviants, or in a mental institution because my mom was HORRIBLE. What makes it worse is that she says things like i did the best i could, you're always so critical, some people just aren't born strong, etc. Well are some people born stupid, incomepetent, lazy, manipulative, and self-serving? I know she had trouble growing up, but c'mon she's 54 get over and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I wish she would die. Just when you think she's making mental progress you realize she's crafty and can tell you whatever it is you need to hear to keep you off her back. "I've applied for 2 jobs today" "I'm trying to quit smoking" THis has been going on for DECADES and no progress has been made . Surely no one who is actually trying is that unlucky. It boggles my mind. Plus to make it worse there's a social taboo where you can't express dislike or hatred for your mom. No matter what she's your mom and you should honor her at all times. IT makes me crazy