She never talks to me unless it is to tell me to do chores. I've never once heard her say "I love you". She told me I was retarded and told my oldest sister that she was her favorite. She's also a ***** 24/7 not only to us but to my dad too. She's not an
overall bad person all the good parts of her she just suppresses them. She's judgmental af especially towards my dad. I'm tired of her bullshit she tries to hit me like I'm still a little kid when I'm 17. I'm happy that I'm moving out . She sucks at the only job she has. Being a mom. If I never saw her again in my life is be fine with it to be honest I wouldn't really care
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It is sad but often parents see the children as resembling their spouse and not as their off spring. When your mother is insulting you she is actually seeing your dad through you. You are young and do not rush kand leave the house. You have much right to it as your sister and you also have your dad to nack you up.

I never thought if it that way but you are sort of right. My mother use to say how much I am like my dad and say stuff like were both just as annoying to her. And out of my 3 siblings I'm the one that looks and acts most like him.

I can tell you this because till now my mother verbally tells me that I am exactly like my father and my father that I am stubborn like my mother. By the way do not marry just to run away from your parents because he could be worse.?

Wow parents these days. And no I'm moving out with my sister. Not planning on getting married anytime soon.


From where this came I do not know but it is believed that knowinh the cause of the problem is half the solution.

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Sorry to hear that.