today she hit me so hard! 5 of my bones broke today (litterally) She didnt take me to the hospital! Im bleeding and in my face i have a lot of scratches! Please help me!'
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At some point you will have an opportunity to get help - at school, tell someone or when out alone.
At your age I ran away. I kept in contact with my dad and my mother emotionally blackmailed me back home through my dad. I could see she was making his life a misery, having a run away was embarrassing to her I guess. I regret it every day that I went back home then. I left permanently at 18-19 when her and my dad separated. She left me homeless but thank god for my dad he helped me rent a place, paid a deposit etc. She couldn't have cared less with a new man and new place. She would have abandoned my sister too except my nan stopped her.

Anyway you will get opportunities to tell people, get help or leave - take them (if it's safe).

Honey !! Are you ok?? Go outside find a house and ask people to call the police!!

No one absolutely no one should hit you not even your mother!!! Call an ambulance or get out of there and seek help! She needs help!! I'm so sorry that is happening to you! Please get help!

I have no phone. Thank you for the advice by the way! :)

I have no phone. Thank you for the advice by the way! :)

Oh my, are you okay how are you feeling?

yes i am. This is my new account by the way! Thank you for asking :)