I can't eat anything because I am a fat *****! I can't do anything because I am FAT and DUMB! That is what my mom calls me! My mom will never ever me proud of me ever! I am going to Middle School on September 4th! I just graduated elementary school! I have to admit, I am fat, but that does not mean she can starve me to death! On my report card, for gym I got a 4, which means a got an A! The day I graduated from elementary school, I got an award called, "Outstanding Acheivment"! In elementary school, you only have one classroom, I got into the BEST classroom for 5th grade there ever is! There are 11 MORE classrooms that was not the best! For 5 out of 7 of the subjects on my report card, I got a 4, which is an A! For my other subjects I got 4- (A-) for one of them, and a 3.5 (B+) for my other subject! I graduated with high respect! You know, not everyone got those special awards! I had one that everyone got and the other one was special! MY MOM IS STILL NOT PROUD OF ME! SHE KEEPS ON SAYING STUFF LIKE, "LOOK SHE GOT A MEDAL, WHY DID NOT YOU GOT A MEDAL! I KNOW, IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE DUMB"! There is one girl in my school, she has no friends because she is sooo mean! My mom thinks she is the... wait for it.... THE BEST! SHE SAYS, "WHY CAN'T I HAVE A DAUGHTER LIKE THAT?!?!?!" Like seriously that girl has low grades, bad attitude, and no friends! I HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE, I HAVE HIGH GRADES, I HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS! ALSO, THAT GIRL IS FAT AND UGLY! (I DONT JUDGE MY MOM THINGS IM UGLY, AND SHE IS MORW UGLY AND FAT THAN ME)! Just qhy do I have a mother like this! Also in parties, she makes fun of my weight and makes fun of me because of the way i WALK! She makes up RUMORS about me and EMBARASSES me! I hate it! Today I scraped both knees because my mom pushed me outside! And, when I came back inside, I saw my little brother ruined my whole room! I yelled at him and fixed it! Then he started to cry! My mom thought I HIT him! I am not a CHILD ABUSER like her! So she hit with a HANGER! Good thing I have a DAD WHO LOVES ME!
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Somehow you need to stop giving a damn what the woman who gave birth to you thinks. Judge yourself by your own standards. Be kind to yourself and learn to love and like yourself. Your mother clearly has serious problems and they aren't yours. Try to completely blank her out and live your own life in a positive way. Avoid rebelling and keep doing what your doing - good grades, lots of friends. You are a fantastic and wonderful person and you deserve a good and fulfilling life.

Hope you stay strong because you certainly seem like it. How come you're mum pushed you outside?