I truly do- and I am ashamed to admit this- but I can't listen to her anymore, can't stand her bullying.
She's totally taken over our house and my dad, used my Bestemor (Grandma), favorites kids... She bullies my stepsister and stepbrother Shelby And Rory, so badly, and yells all the time. She is so temperamental and bullies us everyday, and is such a city girl (we live in the country). She pretends she knows everything and she insults nearly everyone. She critizes my dad so much and seems happy when he is gone for work.
She barely lets me do anything and is such a horrible little pig. She's a liar and mean, and is so not nice.
She has bound me down and I refuse to stand for it. I'm going to break free, whatever it takes. I have to control her, or she'll wreck my life. Show her that I am above her. So she doesn't take one step towards me in aggression.
How can I help it? If you knew what went on here, you would understand.
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I hope it gets better for you..but your mother sounds a lot like mine. She constantly complains about my dad to all of us and can say some really horrible mean things to all of us but I guess she's my mum after all and there's not much I can do about that. However don't let your mother put you down make sure you follow your dreams even if she is against them

Evil mothers has been a constant dillema for innocent children. Why? Its because she is still your mother, given the fact that she deserves to rot in hell youre both still from the same blood.

But for evil STEP ******* its a whole different story. They dont have the ******* right to lay even a single finger at you. Its either they change or they get removed from youre lives by one way or another. Its up to you if you have to put up with her or put a tombstone on her head

She's my bio mother.

I'm sorry you have to go through that . I went through something similar with my mother. She's very manipulative and controlling. She's angry and mean, I am not even sure she realizes how abusive she is. Be careful down that road. I rebelled so hard that I found myself doing things I didn't really want to do, just to spite her. Just to show her, she had no control. I do love my mother though, but I hate her at the same time. Such a nightmare

I know, right? I just hope I can control myself at the same time, and not end up somewhere bad or doing drugs- I don't think I will, but. That's the last place I wanna go. I just wish she wouldn't be so manipulative, and rude. She rats out my dad so much when he busts his butt off day and night- he rarely stops working whether through phone or physically.