I need glasses for school, I can't see well if I'm further than about 4-5 meters from the board. My mother says I deserve it and that I should be blind...I wondering if I should tear my eyes out and bleed to death.
Izuka Izuka
16-17, F
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How could she say that?? Thats evil.

Well, it's like how my father calls me a fat pig, failure, and also how I'm named "cold 2nd" or at least, that's what my name means. It's also how I have to work for everything I want since I was 12.

Perhaps you should contact child services?

Maybe, but I've delt with it so far. I not just gonna roll over and shove these problems over to child services.

At least you'd get glasses?

They got me them since it help in school.

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I think your mom should be reported. Obviously, you should NOT hurt yourself!! She is not being mom like and she needs counseling. Her words are terrible. Ignore what she said. You deserve glasses!!

Learn to be patient with your mom, we all do and say things without thinking on how it will effect our children. We all need guidance. I have something that may help you and your family.


That's not good :(

No you definitely should not.

No, I won't. But I think over stabbing myself and other stuff when she does this. Something I will do is get colored contacts so I don't have the same eye color as my mother and father...

You really don't like them that much.

As far as I'm concerned my mother is a woman who has cooked me food and given me shelter and gave birth to me, my father is a man who has given me work and sometimes cooked food.

I'm sorry.

It's fine, once I'm 18 I'm going to move out of their house go to university or college get my degrees and go on from there, just have to suffer 5 more years and hope I don't die by then.

Ok good luck.


Your welcome.

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