This is my second story in this group, but I feel like I need to talk more about this since I keep hating her more and more as time goes on. She's definitely not the worst mother out there, I realize that, but she's all I know and I know that she's horrible in her own way.

Two things I wanted to focus on here (because I just experienced them a few minutes ago): her whining and what I guess I would call insensitivity. She whines, and I am not exaggerating when I say this, like a child. She WHINES, she sobs, she wails, and has even been known to kick her feet and pound her fists. Not because she's in pain, just out of frustration over whatever it happens to be that particular moment. This morning it was the TV not working properly. Needless to say, this is infuriating. It is so pathetic to watch an almost 50-year-old woman acting like a 5-year-old.

As far as the lack of sensitivity, she says things that she doesn't realize, or more likely just doesn't care, that they make me feel bad. I am unable to drive. I don't mean I don't have a license, I mean I am physically unable to drive a car. This disability makes me pretty useless. So when I tell her that we need a new remote for the aforementioned TV, and she says "I'll add it to the list of things I have to do, because I have to do everything", it kind of hurts. She would say she means it as a knock on my grandmother, but I know I'm included in there.

So she's reminding me how worthless I am and how much trouble I am, thanks mom. But my question is, what is the point in complaining? The point of complaining is usually to bring about change, but I certainly can't just snap my fingers and be able to help out. And she knows that. And she doesn't expect her elderly mother to be running around doing errands all day either. So why then? I don't get it.

Of course, after she says something that I feel offended by, if I try to come back and say something to her, whether it be an insult of my own or a complaint about being insulted, she doesn't want to hear it. She just whines and tells me to leave her alone, "can't you tell I'm in a bad mood?" Well, that's new. So, when you're in a bad mood, which is always, you can throw rocks, I just can't throw them back. Lovely.

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My mom is another child that never grew up, and I don't mean that in any cute little kid way. I mean she's stuck in that very undeveloped stage where you don't yet grasp that anyone but you has feelings or needs. It's <br />
all about you. You want something, you scream for it, you don't try to reason out how to go about getting it. You're unhappy - you scream some more, just because, and who cares what effect it has on those around you. I'm afraid you're never going to have any luck trying to talk to her like a sane adult. You're not worthless. Your mom is just spoiled and a bit not right in the head, I think. Hang on. And don't give any credit to the things she says.