I Hate My Mother


My mother has been living with me for four years now, big mistake I ever made. We were never close but after my father passed and being the only child I felt responsible. Plus, my father asked me before his passing to please take care of her. Poor guy, he was controlled by her and didn't know any better, he deserved so much better. For being an italian mother, she is cold, insensitive, self centered and inconsiderate of anyone's feelings. When I do something for her, she always makes a negative comment, not even a thankyou. I don't know how much I can take, I am about to lose my mind and have already lost my patients. I feel my life is ruined and at my age I really don't deserve this but being single and financially stressed has been hard. But I truly feel that if she weren't living with me I would be totally fine. In front of people she plays the part but no one really knows her as I do. Believe me, when the day comes that she passes, there will be no tears shed. It is true, the good die young and the ******* keep on living. As long as I could remember and even today, she always reminds me how she wish I were a son. I truly hate her. I only pray to God that he understands why I feel like this.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Right there with you. It's not a 100% solution, but it helps me to remind myself that I'm a sane decent person and my mom is the sick one. I think of people who work in insane asylums and the rantings and ravings they are subjected to by the patients, and try to think of her nastiness that way instead of taking it personally. Just because she's your mother (title she doesn't seem to deserve) doesn't lend any more authority to the garbage she's spewing than the random ravings of any loony.

I sympathize with you. Nothing good comes out of their mouth. You never measure up to what they want of you, so you have to give that up and be resigned to making limits for yourself and her.<br />
There are assisted living facilities where she can be independent and you can visit, giving yourself some distance from the problems.<br />
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