I Don't Hate Her, I Just Can't Stand Her

Shes always treating me like a child as if I'm naive, and I know I don't know everything in the world, nobody does, but I understand things far more than she believes I do. She also says she supports me and 'loves' me yet shes contradicting herself by doing the complete opposite, and then she complains that I don't love her or support her enough, just ends up making me feel like **** most of the time. She tells other family my faults and they look down on me because of it, most don't symphatize at all, shes also comparing me to other people all the time and just looks at whats bad about me and none of the pros. Whats also bad is I actually care about her, its just shes being such an idiot she doesn't realize I could be one of the those random kids who disrespect their parents and don't give two ****s about them.

KaitoKid KaitoKid
13-15, M
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

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my god, I know exactly how you feel my parents are exactly the same it drives you crazy, you wanna run away sometimes but you know you can't because either a) they'll get even more angry or b) you just can't because you still love them.