My Mom Ruined My Life

ok so ever since i was little my older brother taught me how to do things and how to be a good person while my parents would fight and leave and fight over money and how my dad is an alcoholic. anyways. since my brother left to be a marine and my dad is kicked out my mom takes EVERYTHING out on me. i try to hide and stay away. we've gotten into fist fights and there were times where i would really hurt her or she would really hurt me. ive recently been accused of asulting some girl when i didnt she assulted me it jsut so happens i punched her and she started bleeding and call the cops on me. anyways. my mom hasnt let me out the WHOLE summer i sit home everynight. while my friends come home and tell me how much they used to have. before all this i used to party with my friends every weekend and have so much fun. ever since this inncodent i cant do anything. like i dont know what to do. my mom doesnt shut up about it either she always makes me feel like **** and she never cares. and when i tell i hate her she abandons me no food no money nothing. she never cooks me dinner. so while i sit home doing nothing everyday i starv myself cause she will go out and by herself food but nothing for me. im lucky if eat a peice of bread every few days. she thinks she knows all my friends but she doesnt. and she doesnt let me have friends all the friends that i always used to hang out with forgot about me and know i cant go out so they dont even think to call me. so when she tells me to get new friends i cant because she locks me in the basement . seriously she has the lock and key . one day i had to crawl out the window just to run to my friends house and stay there for 2 nights till she finally figured i had left. i dont know what to do. she doesnt get it. i need to have a life. and she wont let me.  i wish i could run away but i know i cant go anywhere without her finding me. i have no money. i cant find a job.  and my brother is always overseas. for another 2 years. and i just cant live like this anymore.

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2009

Record some of the fights and stuff on camera and send it to the Police. Good job hitting her back

If you're 17-18 you should try ...<br />
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Take money, food, water, clothing, buy a airplane or bus ticket and get out of there you deserve better. Don't look back.