She Makes Me Feel Like S***

You remember Monica's mother in "Friends"? Well my mum is like that... but she does it to my personality. Anything I do, she tells me it's wrong, explains the flaw in my character to me, and then tells me how she would have acted, behaved or done it better. I cannot stand her holier-than-thou bulls***. Ever since I can remember she managed to remind me two of three times a month that the house we lived in until I was 18 and left, was not mine in any way, but hers and i was allowed to live there; my room was not mine, I couldn't invite friends back to my house because it was her house. The most ironic thing about it is that if i try and explain to her how she upsets me, she doesn't believe me and tells me that I'm the b***h for falsely accusing her. She is so convinced that she is such a wonderful person that she doesn't realise I have grown up hating myself and her.
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Sounds like my mother. I had to wait till I'm 24 to move out cause I live in f***ing India.

Really? That would explain soooo much. thanks for the tip tbaknits

she sounds like she is narcissitic. there is an actually subset of personality disorders that fit this. read up on it. It helped me understand my mom, not like her understand her.

atleast your 18 and you can leave that hellhole.....some of us dont have such luck