Hates A Big Word, But I Hate My Mom.

my mom is a rude, abnoxious, airhead, witch. tonite she hit me at Applebees, a restaurant here in town. yeah, hit me. hate is a very strong word, but i HATE my mom. hate her. even when im not mad at her i hate her. i purposely find things to do after my classes during the week and on the weekends just so i dont have to come home and be in the same house as her. all she does is yells and whines at me. day in and day out. i leave her alone but she doesnt seem to want to leave me alone. shes a nutcase with jeans hiked well up past her bellybutton. again, she is rude and will do things like express racism any time to anyones face and not care. she will yell and fight until she gets what she wants. also, as stated, hate is a strong word. i dont hate much in life at all. i can only think of one person who i truely hate. i hate my mom.

girlygirl018 girlygirl018
18-21, F
Oct 25, 2009