My Mom Is A Jerk.

It's really quite depressing, mainly because my mom and I used to be friends. Boy how things have changed. I literally can't stand being at home any more. My mom has turned into the biggest jerk in all aspects of my life.

School wise, I'm not a genius but I get a GPA and test scores that are both above average. I got into really good colleges thus far as well. Either way, my parents give me **** about not taking hard enough classes and anything lower then an A is failing. They always compare me to my friends. (note to parents reading this, DON'T EVERY COMPARE YOUR CHILD TO ONE OF HIS FRIENDS!) "Well John Doe is taking AP English, why aren't you?" or "Jane Doe got a 34 on her ACT, you didn't even study for it." That's just a small sampling of what I hear everyday.

Socially, my mom is embarassing. She also shows little trust toward me and some of my friends. It is a slap in the face to me because I don't drink or smoke or misbehave in anyway with the law like some of my classmates do. I like to play video games a lot, but I certaintly don't let them get in the way of my performance in school and stuff. Either way, she thinks I'm addicted which is just total bullshit. Also, she labels some of my video game friends as "losers" which I just can't stand.

I can't stand my mom around the house anymore. She is a great person and does some great things to improve my life, but she ruins those actions with her nitpicking and nagging ways. Tonight for example, I went over to do my homework on the couch next to the warm fire. She came down stairs and bitched at me for not doing my homework on the kitchen table that is a mere 10 feet away from where I was sitting. Little stuff like that everyday builds up inside me until I can't take it anymore.

The double standard that my parents live is ridiculous. I can stand my dad, but he just believes whatever my mom says. Here is an example. I'll stub my toe going up the stairs and yell Damnit!, a cuss word directed at no one and a safer way to vent my anger rather then getting physical. My mom, with her supersonic hearing will come downstairs and take my phone away for a week. Then, on the same day, we might get in a fight and she will cuss directly AT me and face zero consequences. I understand the hole child parent thing but come on! thats ridiculous! Secondly, my parents demand respect from me at all times, which I'd be willing to give if they didn't disrespect me. Here is how I have lived my life, if you are disrespectful to me, I'm sure as hell not going to give you respect, parent or not.

My parents always say, "just move out then if you don't like it here." ALthough I'm eighteen, im jobless because i have school and two varsity sports. they know damn right i cant move out but they use that line daily. High school is almost over for me and next year ill be going off to college thank god. fortunately, my parents will help me pay for college but after that im not looking back.

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It's so annoying when ever my mom argues with me and she knows I'm right so she pulls the "are you being disrespectful argument".

Exact same damn thing. On point. My mom always starts flinging **** at me first, she screams over the most pathetic things. It's only human nature to retaliate- "an eye for an eye"- but then my dad comes down and gets in my face, then they're both screaming at me. I'm the only person my mom treats this way... She acts so ******* different in public. At home she's a total douche, I try to stay calm, but after five minutes of her screams I just can't take it. whenever I make valid points, she yells at me, then walks away. And I make lots of valid points, I PROVE her wrong, but all that does is make her nastier. I'm just 16... I'm a lot more mature than most people at school though, but this crazy lady knows what to do to **** me off. The reason she screamed to my face? I turned the Xbox on. She said I was putting it before schoolwork... Bullshit. I just got off school for a week. I've got As and Bs, and am two years ahead in math and a year ahead in science.

Lol, my mom just broke my phone when I showed her this article. Amazing. But as hard as you think your is, I'm Indian which makes it 50 times worse. Literally, everything we do is a competition. Life is pretty ****** for me right now. My grade has about 800 kids, and naturally my mom expects me to be the valedictorian. And finally, the only time I've ever played video games the entire year is during Christmas Break and Thanksgiving break. I wake up and do a bunch of school work and extracurricular **** for 8 hours and then play for 2 hours. Because of that, my mom says I'm addicted and then compares me to all my friends and talks about how they never play video games and they are so much more successful than me. Ugh. I can totally relate to you right now.

That is my mother exactly

That sounds exactly like my mother. A word of advice, college for a year makes you a little nostalgic for home, makes you miss having less responsibilities and you kinda forget all of the bad stuff because you've been away from it for a while. Don't fall into the trap. If you can get a job on campus and take classes or something, do it. Summer at home after being away at school is LITTERALLY THE WORST THING EVER. I can compare nothing to the horribleness I am drudging through right now.

OH **** that is so like mine but my mums asian... and is making me do violin which i hate.

I can't say I "completely" understand what you are going through, but I have a pretty good idea. Hang in there my friend, you are not alone in this.

Omg I am so sorry for you my mom said she was going to buy me some pens and some glitter glue and then she is all like no I never said that so mad can't wait till Christmas then I can get her in trouble for saying look up or I will slap your ******* face so mad

My mom is the same way only instead of him believing her my dad knows most of the time she's bull ******** like I can't stand blue cheese but my mom loves it she'll eat half of it and me being heavy will claim I ate half of it again lucky for me my dad doesn't believe her and knows I hate Blue cheese sad thing is I'm the last kid all be it the middle child still living with her and my brother and sisters got the same **** me being left alone but now that its just me all I can do is try not to snap as I am living rent free with my mother and can't afford an apartment


This is the story of mi life.........but the difference is I'm only 14 😓

I have two siblings older then me. One is a senior, the other is in college. They both always get A+'s they hardly ever get an A. The "smart genes," are not always equally passed down, and I'm slightly below them in a b+/a range. I can get A+'s in some classes, but if I get a B+ they embarrassingly go to the teacher of that class and ask why I'm doing so bad. They also take away privileges if I get one. I'm sick of it, I can't keep up, and I'm getting angry at everyone because of stress

Hello i just now searched what to do when your mother is a b!tch and is angry at you,well here is my response and i hope i get help.
Recently(just now) i was waiting a game to load,while mom asked me to give her water,i told her to wait a second but she waited only 1 minute and then just screamed at me and told me that she doesnt want me to put her water and she slapped me like nothing. I always hated my mom and i am not afraid to say it,im not afraid to say that my mom is a btch and she definetly doesnt even care about me,my mother has no feelings and is cold in the inside.
Even though we've been fighting alot with my mother for the smallest reasons you can ever imagine in your life,once i escaped from home and stayed in the street for days,untill the police found me and i was grounded for a month or two,i wanted to escape from home always and i really hate my mom,even though she's trying to show that she loves me as a son which i truly do not believe.
My mother lost full trust on me and i to her too,i dont actually get why does mom gets so angry because i didn't give her a glass of water so fast? Is she such a ***** that she couldnt wait a few seconds? i was just waiting the game to finish its loading and started. And no i do not want to say a sorry at a stupid person like her,never.

Any help?

Best I can suggest is one wait till your eighteen and find some friends or family to stay with until you can get your own place or have hidden camera's to catch the abuse and report her she might also need medical help

The part about impatience sounds like my mom. Like if she said go make coffee or go do the chores or vacumm the house etc. and u said 1 more minute or just a few more seconds, she would go ape **** in 5 secs and start to scream cry yell hit me call my dad about bullshit she made up. example: I don't make coffee in 5 mins cuz im in the bathroom Mom's reaction: *calls dad* hey the kids are disobeying me and they are talking back and yelling at me. ME: just a few more secs im in the bathroom. 5 seconds later(literally) Yells at me kicks my door throws my phone across the wall and hits my computer. She rips my console out of the outlets( I **** u not) and tells me that im acting wrong. She doesn't let others talk and when she interrupts u she says "hey im talking u better shut up" and im like stfu. And when I interrupt her she goes DONT U TALK BACK *****! my dad comes home, all ways sides with my mom doesn't let me tellt he truth when he gets back home my mom changes the story and makes it more dramatic. My dad then just start to get a stick and try to hit me. Me of course defend my self but my mom Is like don't u dare hit your dad. IM not im running away dodging and blocking. Later after the incident, my mom comes in to my room and says all smartass like "are u ready to apologize?" im thinking how many hits to the head does it take relize how stupid u sound. When I don't she gets made again and syas im leaving. She has said this all the time and when she come sback she goes if u don't listen to me get out of my house. Well dumbshit u left the house in the first place why not stay that way??? Mind u this all started because of coffee what would happen if I didn't get her a glass of water?

i know what you mean (i should know)like the only way i can let out my anger is tortuing my self and just to stay calm is being alone or being with my freinds

Ive been close to my mom since I turned 13. My mom is ******* insane now. She sucks up to my little brother I do so much for her and today she told me to shut the **** up because I was at a friends house for a few hours. Then she goes "lets have family time" and i ask if i can go play manhunt and she goes "your having a ****** aditude go to bed" (it was 7 pm). My mom is an ******* and control freak about every aspect of my life, stalking my Facebook friends to checking my grades everyday. She flips **** at me for the stupidest **** like getting a C in a hard class and I'll lose everything I own for a month or 2. Then, after being a supreme ***-sucking ***** expects me to be friends with her and if im mad she claims I'm talking back or having a bad aditude. She's like ******* adolf hitler, imma Jew, my little brother is the ******* SS(who rats me out for everything) and I live in a concentration camp. I want to get out of my house but im only 14. I want to move in with my dad but my mom would flip **** and blame herself. I still love her but I don't currently like her. **** BEING A KID SUCKS. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. 11/21/12

No you can love her but worry about your safety and health living with your dad might get her to realize she ****** up and maybe get help for her behavior

You my friend just explained my life right now. My parents have always been my best friends from when i was born to now. Now im so confused that i have sat in my room for 6 hours straight and just looked over everything and blame myself. My mom has always been the worst of the problem though. My mom just is the biggest ***** you will ever meet, I know im a guy and this would make me a *****, but today she said **** you to me. I was so hurt on the inside i had to get the hell away from her. I have no idea whats going through my dads mind most of the time because he never steps in to help me at all. But my tip to you is just to zone it out and wait for college. You'll have a better chance then i ever had, what with my parents yelling and just lowering my self esteem everyday. I cant focus on school because im to afraid to come home to face my parents. So my friend i just want to say your not alone in this world.

talk to your counciler that's what I did when I was in high school and consider yourself lucky it was just the f bomb my mother told me right in front of my sister who I am close with once to go kill myself being a bully victim at the time and having had those thoughts my little sister the only one knowing had a rough four hours calming me down needless to say she and my mom have had a dog and cat fight relationship since

I am the oldest of 5 and goin into 7th grade. I dislike my mom. She Just told me 10 minites ago to go sit on the steps and wait till everyone is done eating then i can eat. I said are you kidding me. This is how you are going to treat your 13 year old daughter. I said **** you and walked down stairs. I got so pissed if and started crying my eyes out. I think she is the biggest jerk in the whole neighbor hood.

if this starts being a habit report her and also start stashing coins and change away to get food if you live near a fast food place or grocer so that you're not hungry

My mom is like that to she lovs and lisons to my younger bros tho and spends more time with them!!!!!

Your mom is an *******. When you leave for college never talk to her again. Also, skip her funeral.

That's just cold!

hmm... might be an option if your mom is 100% Satan.

My parents don't really care that much about my grades but my mom always accuses me of being evil to her and **** like that. I only say mean things when they disrespect me.. Except to my dad because he'll hit me.. I'm 16 btw and a bit too old for that. But I'd suggest you tell her when you leave they are never goin to see you again and it's all her fault.

Dude it's the little **** that your parents do everyday. Like I'd didn't do **** for you to get so upset. Or when one of them is yelling at you and the other walks in the room and begin to agree with them. But congrats to you for dealing with it. Takes a lot.

Are your family asian by any chance? That sounds SO much like what asian parents are like. Seriously, it's not even funny. -_- <br />
<br />
But anywho, congrats for sticking it out till you get to college. Then you can find a job, earn money and live life up to YOUR standards without your mom's bitchzilla attitude and nagging bringing you down.

my mom does that too..n i hate her!