I Hate My Mother

well. My mother was a workaholic. she was never around when i was a kid . thank god that i had a great dad. who took really care of me and my bother. my mom was a nurse , i do understand that she did love her job , but i don't understand that why she thought that her job is important than her family and specially important than her kids... She went back to work when i was 3 months old.. I used to only see her once a week , even if when she was home , she didn't want to talk to us , she says that she is tired , she needs a good sleep or whatever . she never asked how i am doing , or how is school going..

i still remember when i had my first period. i was scared and cried . my mom wasn't around so i told my dad , he went to drug store to buy me pad and stuff. i love my dad so much ..

besides this he expectations were so freaking high. She used to get mad at me if i don't get A+ at school A wont satisfy her. I still remember when i was 14 i had a crush one some guy at school, she found my secret diary and read it. she was so mad at me , she burned my diary , and went my school told my instructor all about that , and told her to keep an eye on me , of course stupid teacher told some of my friends what happened. i was so ashamed , i cried for whole week. once she  was complaining about something i still remember , i said just get over with it . she beat me so bad that my face was just covered with blood.. How can do this to your own child. and plus i was a really good kid.  i was a really good student at school, i even paid  for my university tuition by scholarships and things like that . when i am home , i always do house work and cooking., now i have a good job , i am paying for my brothers school.. But now she is retired, trying to be so nice to me sometimes , but i just don't want to get close to her i don't know why...

layla1980 layla1980
26-30, F
Feb 12, 2010