I Am A Loser

i hate my mother. She never try to understand me. i am really sad. what she really care is about my brother and sister. i try so hard by excel in academic to get her attention. it never works. she really like to scold me and beat me. shypical loser?te like to use harsh words when speak to me. it hurts so bad. she said, she hate me. she dont like me. whatever im doing is wrong for her. everything seems wrong. i know nobody does really care about me. i guess im just a loner and loser? i dont have any friends and my family seems dont like me. i think everybody just hate me. i never told my feelings to other and just keep it within myself. i never told my secret to my mother. she also humiliates me in front of my friends and her friends. i hate her and myself.

keju keju
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Don't give up!!! Keep excelling and make yourself better than her. You are noticing something that she doesn't. Just don't give up. Ever. Good luck.