To Become The Perfect Mother

I too have a horrible mother I remember crying everyday silently by myself in my room. Everyone thought I was just the sweet quiet shy type girl. I guess I'm just scared to speak out and ask for help. My dad knows my mother was evil but he does not want to lose her. So, he's always on her side. I would hide everything from her. How I have bad grades how I can't make friends and many other things that children have troubles in life. I hide stuff from her because I'm scared she would get mad. I know that telling her these things would only make her more mad. My sister is the only person she cares. I guess because she is perfect. I'm nothing too her. I guess she became crazy or something. Her father (My grandpa) just died and her mother (My grandma) is sick plus she has 5 kids to take care of. Still I think it's her fault. If you can't take care of one child don't get another. My dream is to become the most perfect mother I can be. I love children and I know how to deal with them and how to make them became happy forever. That is my dream and will forever be. I would have commit suicide but the only thing stopping me is that I will have children in the future and I want to see them grow up and to make them happy which will make me happy. I will do what ever it will take. I'm only 16 right now but I always wanted to be a mother when I was younger. I spend lots of time learning about children and how to take care of them and their problems and stuff like that. One thing I know for sure is that many parents make huge mistakes and the number one mistake my parents made was that they had me too early. I wish they had waited a couple of years so that I wouldn't have be born.

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ahw.dont say that. im sure many people are happy you were born. i dealing with tough **** too. try talking to a school counselor or someone really close to you. if you need any adive, message me on here. best wishes.