My Sister Is Her Favorate Child.

Growing up, all she use to talk about was how smart my little sister was and brag to her friends. I was 8 at the time. I look up and said "mom, mom, what about me?" and she looks down at me and says "o... you will do good too" then goes right back to talking about her. When I was about 13, me and my little sister had an argument in the car and my little sister (being 12 at the time) called me a bastard! I looked at her and at my mom who was pretending she didnt heat it and i said "Did you hear that? arent you going to do anything about her calling me that?! If it were me calling her that, you would whoop me, call dad, and have him whoop me too!" But she did nothing and a week later, she was laughing with my grandmother about the incident and their reply was "you shouldnt have made her angry".  Now we are older. I have lived in my sisters shadow for a long time now and i still do.


My sister is 18 not, If she needs money for something, mom hands it to her no problem. If I need something and go to her all i get are excuses, moans, and complaints! Just today, my cellphone is off and I borrowd my sisters phone to call some friends. I fell asleep and forgot to give her the phone back, however, she also forgot in the morning on her way out to knock on my door and get the phone from me. And mom calls and when I answer she dosent yell but she is all "she needs to have a phone incase something happins, what if her car where to break down, then what?!" so i hung up in her face. Yes i know that but there aint **** I can do about that now and what da **** about me?! That child is the only one she cares about. If she cared, she would help a struglin college student out and help me get my ****** phone back on! I worry about my sister too but what da **** about me?! My cell phone is off but who gives a flying ****, god forbide my sister dosent have her phone on her or its cut off, then she doin everything in her power to get it cut back on for her. I say **** THAT *****! She never loved me and im sick of being the "Bad child" when I have done nothing but show her love and effection!!!


One valentines day whe I was younger, I took all the money I was saveing up and baught her a $150 RING! I was going to buy video games but i wanted to see my mom smile. You know what happined to it?? SHE SOLD THAT **** FOR DRUGS!!! Even tho she is clean now, I can never forgive her for hurting me like this. Its as if i dont matter. I hate that harlot and to be honest, I hope she forgets to take her blood preasure medication and has a ******* stroke!!

Krie Krie
Feb 24, 2010