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My Mom = Selfish Cow

I have hated my mother since I was in grade three. I know it sounds a little harsh for someone to hate their mother when since they were eight but I did and I do.

I started hating her when I took home an extra credit english worksheet. I was to find the noun. Now you might think that's easy now, but i was little and didn't really understand anything. I wa sitting at the dinning room table in a big wooden chair by the table and Mmy mother was trying to help me. After a while she got frusterated and kept screaming 'Fine the Noun! Find the Noun' I told her I didn't know what a noun was and she grabbed my neck and pushed my head to the back of the chair. She got right up to my face and through clenched teeth said one more time 'Find the Noun.' I wanted to cry but i didn't. My step sister was sitting a meter away, playing with my beads, and saw the whole thing. My mother still denies it to this day, but my step sister and I remember, and talk about it everytime I see her.

We have had off and on llittle spats about everything. My mother's insane when it comes to cleaning. For example, I'll have just walked in the door sit down in a livingroom chair and sling my jacket over the arm. I'll get up to go to the bathroom and she'll get mad at me for not haning up my coat in the closet. Or I'll have litteraly just finnished eating something and she'll walk into the room saying why I hadn't put the dishes in the dish washer. And don't get me started on all the crap about my room, even though several times we'd agree that my room is my space, I keep the door closed i can do with it what i please.

One time in grade seven I was to make a family tree, for english class. I did it the long ways and put my grandparents on the bottom, like the roots, and the rest of my family went upwards. It had taken me forever to colour and make look great. I showed it to her so proud of my work and she told me I did it wrong. Took me back  to the small low table I had been working on, ripped all the photos off and gave me a new paper. She put the photos where she wanted them and told be to get started since it was already a day late. I was gonna get up and grab some food and she say I wasn't dont so she pushed me over back down to the table and told me I wasn't done yet. I whispered to myself 'I hate you' and she stormed back into the room saying mockingly 'I hate you. Oh I hate you.' Again I wanted to cry but didn't.

I remember another time she had done something I hadn't liked and so I did something else back. I don't remember what it was exactly but oh well. She wanted me to apologize, but I wanted her to apologize for something aswel. I had dropped something in the kitchen and got a wrag to clean it up. She got right up to be and said 'apologize' and I said 'You apologize fir-' and that was when she slapped me straight across the face. Her boyfriend and best friend sitting in the dinning room right infront of us, where they could clearly see everything. Then she said clean it up, pounting to the thing I had dropped and so I had to bend down, right infront of her to pick it up. I didn't want to because she just stood there hovering over me like I was neeling at her feet and I could see a smug look on her face as I nelt down. When I stood up again she just smiled and walked away back to her friends.

And today: I had been sick for the past two weeks and the v-principal called to talk to my mother about the abssences so she mad an apointment to go see him this morning, we were bother there. The morning before we left she called on of her friends up and said how I'd been skipping classes and just bitching about me to her friend, and I was just upstares so I could hear everything. When we got to the office the V-P said how it wasn't acceptable to be skipping classes and I wanted to say 'but I was sick' but I just couldn't seem to move. My mother said 'oh wel she was sick for the first week' (yeah the first week, I had been sick for both weeks) and they talked about the me whole time like I was some bad kid that had been skipping. I had gotten all of my homework from my friends,I had sure it was spacific; 'what notes did we take today', 'what pages do we read'. Not just 'did we get any homework?' And she knows I did. And through out the entire meeting she just sat there like I had been skipping. The Vic-P put me on this stupid list where they send my mom my attendance very week and she's like 'I think that will really help us get her to school on time' Like I had been SKIPPING. Not SICK, but SKIPPING! And later I had to go back to the V-P's office because I had left my umberella there and that's when I told him 'I was sick for those two weeks and I didn't makesure to be spacific about asking for my homework and I'm caught up in every class but one, and I'm almost there' and that's when he did it. He pulled his arms up and pretended to play a violin. He was mocking me. The V-P! Throughout the whole day I just wanted to cry. And when I got home later today i did. I just balled my eyes out for everything my mother had ever done to me.

When she asked why I was crying I blew up telling all about my day and how I felt like I was being puniched for something I didn't do and she said she'd get me off the list and make everything okay. I started to feel better, but then she said 'and we can get you some sleeping pills so you can get up on time and we'll just limit you computer, and TV time so that it's not such a drestaction.' Like I was being punished again. And she kept saying we'll get you some help don't worry. Like I was sick! Then to top it off she added 'Did something happen when you were at your father's that I should know about?' 

**** I hate me mother. Nothing is ever her fault it's always someone elses and it's always my dad. She's told be she hates lifing with me and I told her I have a place to go. My best friends mom told me to call if anything bad ever goes wrong. So I called my friend to make arrainments to stay at her house and she called my sister, who is 27 and complained about how i was gonna move out. And my sister got mad at me for it. After my mother had just TOLD me to move out. And another time I said 'you want me to move out, fine. I will' she said 'ou really thing any one will want you?'

I hate her so much. Any way, that's all I have to say right now. I just needed a good place to vent.

FluffyMuphin111 FluffyMuphin111 16-17, F 59 Responses Feb 26, 2010

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Well,I think too if I'm gonna hate her :'( or love her :'(
She was the best mom I knew in the world and she seem to be mad to me like she;s saying that she like herself to kill me and stab me :'(
When me and my friend had gimmick,I will come 8:00 sometimes just because when I got home,they will tell me bad things and get mad of me :'(

She wasn't the mom I knew.It happened when I liked to save money for funds for me to buy something without their help and saving money for the like in the future I wan't :'( I told my mom for me to work in our own house like I will clean the house.They can do whatever they said like buying dog food where they want to for them to just sit and relax there.Yeah,I know they can do what they want but they will also help me but I'll work and they will just sit there and relax.Even my sisters,they can ask me.Clean the house everyday,feed the many pets.That they gave me.Whatever just not cooking because they will do it.I can just cook hotdogs and eggs like that or anything recipes I know (I'm only 13 years) and she told me that she will make the said amount of fee every monh they give me and it's just like $30. that will turn down to $10 like that and as a kid,I will be that disappointed because it is the said amount and for the future,I won't ask them what I want to buy.....Just because I liked to help them until I cried and explaining to my mom what is my opinion and that . She told me that I'm mad at her!!Then this happens!!She hated me like she wanted herself to kill me and stab me :'( HELP :'(

Omg, I am so sorry for what you have been through. Sure parents can be annoying but it's good your friend's are there for you.

I feel you, and I would comment how I really feel right now, except for the fact that all you would see are little asterisks for the next 300 characters.

I hate my mom too. In fact I hate both of my parents because one is on drugs and then my mom thinks she can hit me and if I accidentally knock something over she would say "WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS" as if I was trying to knock it over. She hits me with and throws hangers and shoes and anything she can find at me. She's also given me a bloody lip and has put hot sauce in my eye and my dad barely does anything about it.

i hate my mom too. i'm in girl scouts and a form was due today and if i didn't hand it in, then i would be in trouble. my mom PROMISED me that she would give it tomorrow (she said that yesterday), but when my girl scouts troop leader called, my mom literally said that she'll just ignore it and call tomorrow, because she wasn't "feeling well." she had a headache. that's it. and that's really selfish of her to ignore a call from my girl scouts, something important to me because of high school and college applications, and it was really important. and she ignored it because she had a headache! but when i do something that will affect her work, she yells at me and hits me! i hate my life and it's so unfair how other people have moms who actually do help them with extra activities and actually care about things important to them. i really wanna tell her how i feel, but i'm scared of her and i dont think that's healthy to be scared of your mom. i hate her and i would do anything for her to actually become a better mother.

you know what? if i can choose my mother, i would choose a different mother. i hate my mother so much, she always thinks that she is right and she wouldn't accept that she is wrong. i love my father but my mother...i really hate her

My mum is just the same today she shouted at me because I told her that she gets all the fun and I don't. Like when she went on a day trip to the beach but she didn't take me. When I said this she started going on about the shopping for shoes trip she took me on. I don't even like shopping.

Wow, and i thought my mum was bad! But compared to this i bet you would love to swap any day!! And hang in there. I feel so bad for you!

if your mum ever hits you hard and leaves a mark after 24 hours then it's child abuse. Seek help as it's against the law. Call child line

I hope everything goes fine to u now buddy...I wish u all d best...hmm my mom is one of a kind as well "selfish"....Not all mothets can simply be worshiped for giving birth to babies...they have a lot more to do in order to deserve the love of their children!

Learn how to spell... You seem like 16 or 17. God....

You insesitive ding dong!!!! Thus poor girl is going through a really touch time and all you can say is learn yo spell!!!

Same goes for u stop being mean

Don't be mean think about every thing she's been through and ur moaning about her spelling what if u had gone through what she did would u like it if someone was mean to u because of her spelling

My mother is just like that, except she doesnt hurt me. only when shes really angry. She wont leave my stuff alone and nothing is ever her or my sisters fault. I know how you feel. Theres nothing wrong with anything else in my life, except her stupid personality. Like c'mon. Why are they like this?

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My Mum sounds the exact same. I'm 22 now & I can remember beatings, being force fed if I didnt like something she made, sarcastic responses etc. I remember this because it hasnt been that long since last beating/bad unnecessary mood & i'm in my twenties!! My Dad is the best man I know but he was scared of my Mum, no one in her family likes her but they're scared too - have heard stories from her childhood & have promised not to tell her that me & my Dad know as if we do she'll know her sister told us.....My Dad knew how she treated me & my brother and sister & never did anything to stop her but whenever she turned on him - refusing to speak, sarcastic comments, verbally attacking his family etc, he would encourage us to stand up for him which irritated me to no end! I've moved to England now & am living with my fiance who's in the Army and so is away & working a lot & today is the day before she flies back home (will have been here for a week this time round). Usually she only comes for a few days, this will have been her third visit, second by herself (my Dad came over with her once) & whilst we've had a few tense moments, it's only today - when my fiance is at work - that we've properly fought. So angry with her all the time, she's lovely to my fiance, i've told him stories & he thinks i'm exaggerating as he's never witnessed it although my sister the same now (havent spoken in almost/just over 3 years) & he witnessed her behaviour. My Mum's behaviour is slightly worse because you never know what kind of mood she'll be in, whilst my sister is always a b*tch. Both my parents work in mental health & we think my Mum has some kind of disorder but she'll refuse to go & get checked for anything & whenever I ask my Dad why he never did anything in the past, he says that no one would have believed him & he, as a man, would have gotten a bad name for turning his wife in to a Mental Hospital (as she's lovely & quite popular in work too!) She has never behaved the way she REALLY is in front of her friends like yours has, though she has in front of my friends & our immediate family. I actually do hate her and my sister & I know it's an awful thing to admit & an awful thing to feel but I think my family would be much better off if it were just me, my Dad & brother.

OMG. This comment scares me so much.

I just turned 18 a couple months ago. My mom has always been crazy. I remember when I was little, she pulled me into my room, opened my drawers, and started throwing my clothes ALL OVER my room. I was a little girl and I was scared, so naturally I started crying and ran to Daddy in his man cave. I explicitly remember him saying, "Maybe she's going through menopause." I asked what that was and he said, "I don't really know. Let's google it." My dad is the greatest.

Basically she's been pulling that crazy stuff for forever. My dad constantly has to separate us because we just scream at each other. My mother alllllwaaaayyyyssss has something bitchy and rude and sarcastic to say. Always.

In December, my best friend became homeless (due to a restraining order. It's not like she just decided to move out.) My mom agreed to take her in.

Note: My mom doesn't like ANY female friends I have. Never has. And she thinks other people are disgusting and have, like fleas or something. Idk. She just hates people, especially girls.

So it was kinda weird that she agreed. However, things are BAD. My friend is just here for a couple more months until graduation, but my friend can barely handle all the emotional strain my mom is putting her through.
My mom doesn't let me talk to her or hang out with her around the house. She attempts to go through her stuff, (much like she does mine. Always has.) tries to break her computer locks, always tries to catch her in a lie, screams at her for minor accidents around the house, and decides to put me through the emotional stress of telling me everything that's wrong with my friend. Not to mention, whenever my friends around, she (recently) acts like the perfect mother towards me. Just to prove some sort of convoluted point.

She says my friend needs therapy, but my dad, my friend, and I have all decided she is the crazy one. She's flat out mean. No human being should ever be this mean!!!

Now take everything she does to my friend and multiply it by 3. That's what she does to me. Keep in mind I'm a straight-A high school student. I'm in plenty of groups and honor societies. And I've been accepted into every college I applied for. She thinks that she has a right to call me stupid, idiotic, immature, and even, yes, slow. Like mentally slow. Do you use logic when you're being mean, or do you just say random things?

Stupid things here and there over the years have driven me out. Your comment scares me because you're twenty-two! I'm eighteen and I personally thought my mom would be out of my life when I go off to college in the fall. Is this really going to follow me into my adulthood? I was planning on attempting to break ties to her off.
I know one things for sure, I'm totally going to miss my dad when I leave for college.

i also experience beatings from my mother when i was younger. she used to bash my head to the wall whenever id don't want to sleep in the afternoon..she also give her mother lots and lots of money even our family has nothing to eat anymore

I love My Mother she is the best and kindest women in the world If you really want a very calm and happy life, with no fear or worries Islam(peace) The religion of Love... Happiness ... Mercy ... Warm Hearted Religion! I am really trying to help you because as I read your story I really feel bad for you May God protect you from all harm! =)

Wait, it's also the religion of terrorism, right?


Please do not ignore the fact that over 75% of terrorist attacks were from religious muslims.

Oh be quiet

Oh man. That is really tough. You know, I can't imagine the stuff you have gone through. I am terribly sorry. Yet you survived, and judging by how you caught up on your school work when you were sick, you are really motivated. You thrived despite all the BS you had to deal with. There is a big world out there out of your mom's house, so please don't give up on people just yet. And don't give up on your future. I wish you all the best. Your school VP sounds like a real *******, and I hope one day he gets what he deserves. In the meantime be resilient and kind. Be kind because you know how it feels to be hurt, so you should be kind to other people. Anyway, I got into a fight with my mother too, but it's no where as bad as yours. I sincerely hope one day you may come to terms with your mother and truly get the motherly love that you clearly deserve. You are brave. Keep going.

S00000 many selfish mothers in the world. You've got to hang in there, get a job, save some money (don't tell her about your savings or she might find a way to get it off you) and get the hell away from her. And NEVER live with her again, even in the future when she's old and you feel sorry for her. They stay the same.

God I hate my mom i really hate both my parents yelling at me making me do work trying to make a nerd again I really like being a delinquent

My mom makes me do a sport even though I am in plenty good shape

fist fights with me

my mother has been in fist fights and has stabed my with forks

I hate my mom too. Hypocrite, low-life, no value in the world.

hi that is horrible that your own mother would do that, my mam is selfish and thinks about her self she used to beat me up all time when i was younger i can remember she use to lock me in my bedroom for hours n bringing loads of differant men to house and drinking, i felt so loney and wanted to die at that point i need toilet i was screaming for her to let me out but she never answered me all i could here was music turning up so i eventually wet my sen. when i was 12 she bashed my head with the tv controller and saying that i wish you was never born you ugly cow, i had lumps and sratches down my neck and face it was horrible am 25 now and iv been thinking about my past everyday i even get nightmares still thing is i just want answers but all she says go **** your self. i think if you get answers your mind will be in a better place i dont think your mother will never know how much shes hurt you untill you tell her or have it out... hope all off you people is ok and keep stong

Hi, this is so upsetting to read. Its just like my life, im 12 in April and my mum and dad separated when I was 4. Everything was fine until she got with this man and had a baby with him, he left during the pregnancy and he's took her to court saying that he wants to be on the birth certificate. All mum ever goes on about is him, its like hes taken over my life!! My sister never sleeps so she is screaming all the time and mum blames everything on me, even at the littlest of things like 'go and put the bins out' The other day she was planning for the court case and said can you get these two pictures saved please with the dates on. So I said its not hard (sarcasticly then laughing) just press print screen and I said I was going to go upstairs. She grabbed me and said JUST DO IT NOW! So I said that it feels like he was my dad and that I hated him and I was just about to do it when she slapped me, she slapped me right on my hip then shouted right in my face IM GETTING SICK OF YOU so I said stop it hurts and she then screamed, YOUR GOING TO MOVE TO YOUR DADS SOON so I ran upstairs. This has happened loads and it happens with loads of people but abuse is the worst, im already trying to get a job and save up for a mortgage so I can move out, even if my nan has to buy it and get the mortgage for me I pay her and then I live there. My friend suffers the same and said we should both move into a little cheap flat when were a bit older like 15.
Babe, plan a head and just get out of your Mums way, stay in your room more, or sleep at friends, it really gets you out of everything and into a nice non-abusive world!
Hope I helped.

I know exactly about having a SELFISH, RUDE mother. My mother only thinks about herself and her own problems but whines at me continuously. She drove my dad crazy for years about all kinds of different issues, most of them all in her head. He passed away in early 2011 from emphysema as they were both HEAVY smokers. I know that her marriage to him was "DIFFICULT" to say the least but she has her ISSUES also. Ever since I got married and had a family of my own, she does NOTHING to help with anything but expects my husband and I to CATER anything and everything that she needs in life. It got so annoying that 8 years ago we finally moved away and now live in a different city from her. This is how bad it got. My poor sister still lives 1 hour away and suffered the same troubles that I did with her but luckily she has two jobs and doesn't have much free time to visit her. My brother on the other hand just "CATERS" to her every WHIM but he lives with her and lives off of her MONEY, get my drift? Now that we live in another city, she drives us crazy weekly with annoying phone calls again whining about everything that isn't right in her life but refuses to take charge of herself, has' NEVER" worked outside the home which we believe is part of the problem. My dad had a great job and she was lucky enough to be able to stay-at-home all those years. The problem we believe for her is "BOREDOM" as we are all grown, my sister and I have our own families and she doesn't have enough to occupy her time.

I am curious: why were you out sick for 2 whole weeks? I am not trying to dismiss the immature way the principal handled this, but it IS a long time to be out of school.
Did you have pneumonia? Did you have mono? Strep throat? Something like that?
Have you ever seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off? This is a movie from my youth that is way before your time but it would not surprise me if your principal is making his judgment calls on what is going on by movies like this, probably from his own teen yrs.
Try not to take it personally. He deals with different types of kids, and many of them pull a lot of B.S. on him. He's probably not trying to be such a jerk to a good kid.
When I was a teen, a student was out sick from school for a day, maybe 2, unless the illness was quite serious. Hence, this is why the principal in the movie makes such a big deal over Ferris missing school a total of "9 times". Both the mother and the school principal find that total to be a lot. 2 weeks would add up to 10 days absent, all at once.
Since your mom won't own up to you being sick for both of those weeks, that is why the principal does not believe you. Your mom probably let you stay home to get the rest you needed, and then later she's regretting that because the principal is letting her know that length of absence is unusual. Your mother should own up & admit she let you take those days off. But that could be why she is now pretending she did not give you permission.
Stress to her how important it is to you that she admit she gave you permission. You want to keep your track record clean with the school.
Regarding some of the previous stuff; yeah, I guess a kid refuses to apologize to their mother and does not expect to be slapped for it. My mom certainly would have slapped me for arguing/ talking back, but I grew up during a time when that was normal.

Hey my mum being a pain in the *** too. it happens to everyone, my mum used to constantly hit me, i'm still mad at her, that was years and years ago.
A couple of days ago, we had an arguement and i litterally ran away.
Now she's nagging at me about school work -during the HOLIDAYS- and says she'll ground me. like, the hell? I didnt do anything to her.
But what i do when i'm mad, i lock myself in my room, listen to my music, if i'm severaly pissed then i go for a bike ride, a walk, a run.
that doesnt make everything better, but it helps.
Sorry about you're situation.

You might want to calm down a bit. Im not saying what your mom did was good. The SAME thing happenes to me. They think they are ******* cool, but aren't. You just got to prove that you are who you are. Read a book called Chinese Cinderella. Its about a girl who is unwanted. But she gets to become a doctor. But somebody loves you in your family. Just find out who is it.

i never post comments or am rude to people for no reason but you wouldnt know what a bad mother was big deal you got fought with for not hanging your coat up you sound like the kind of person who creates reasons to feel sorry for yourself if these are the reasons you hate your mother then i feel sorry for you my mother is a drug attic my grandparents had to raise because she was couldnt and i didnt have a father he died when i was weeks old she has been embarrassing me since as long as i can remember i needed her and she wasnt there she has been in jail and rehab repeatedly i have a child she has never even seen now thats a bad mother your mother might be strict she might be annoying but from reading your story she was not a bad mother i would gladly trade places with you you have no idea the things i witnessed growing i remember in first grade my mother was supposed to pick me up from school but decided to steal prescription pads from a doctors office and write herself perscriptions and got arrested i sat outside of my school till it was dark out so dont hate someone because they wanted you to apologize for spilling something in the kitchen i cant believe a grown adult wrote this it sounds like a 10 year old girl that has alot to learn

I hope you realise I only made an account to reply to you. Until I got out a few months ago and moved in with my sister, my mum was abusive to me. You're saying to the person who wrote this that they don't know what a bad mother is, they do. Just because your mum was worse doesn't give you any right to tell somebody else they don't know what a bad mother is. It's pathetic. If your life was truly worse than theirs, you wouldn't try and brush off their problems, you'd try and help the person who wrote this. I don't care if this offends you. You're pathetic.

Hey, i really pity you by the way. Your life must have been hard. And now i pity your child even more so. You are dangerous if you think her mother is simply very strict. She has been courageous enough to post her story, and yet you belittle the abuse she has suffered under her mother. Here is the sad truth for you. You dont need to know poverty to have a bad mother. And you know i'm terrible for saying this but there are many people out there suffering, children, who wish their mothers are dysfunctional without involving them. You are entitled to your i hate my mother speech but please rememeber that yours isnt the saddest story. Has she ever hit you? Or sad hurtful stuff to you? If no, then you clearly had it easy. There are plenty of drug addicted mums who physically and emotionally abuse and scar their children. I'd be a b- to say this but you got off easy. So f off and i hope your children will never suffer under you. Peace.

I'm 43 and had just had a falling out with my mother.At first i use to feel sorry for her being in a domestic-violent home for 22 years.She had the choice to leave as we as kids wanted to as well.She chose to stay and take further abuse as well as us kids.At fifteen I ran way to live with an aunt.I ended up going back home because my aunt wanted money for providing for me even though I had a job at burger king,my mom didn't want to pay her...........My Mother loves her money!!!!When I became 18,my mother never stopped my father from taking me to get married off against my will,to some 21 yr old I never even met,nor did she stop my grandmother from raising her one and only son!As an adult I have divorced that guy and remarried and have one son,who I would do anything for.My younger sister has 6 children who my Mom hasn't even seen since they were babies,she wanted pictures,yet they came to visit me for christmas and I called her to see if she was home to take the grandchildren to visit,and all she could say was "don't bring them here"...She finally left my father after we were all out of the house,and the most disturbing reason she was because her mother-in-law needed care and was moving in.She met this older lady at bingo,who had some money,and decided she was gonna spend all her time taking care of her as she had cancer,when the old lady put my mom on her bank account she'd call me to say what had happened and that the old lady eventually went into the hospital and never came back out.The lady also had a will and everything was left to someone else:)My mom called to say she wouldn't be getting anything after all the work she did for her,cleaning her house,spending most days at the hospital.When her own mother was passing she spent all day in the hospital and then bitched how none of her 7 siblings were there to help out,and again she didn't get anything but her mothers blanket.ugh!So recently I called to check up on her as she herself had a minor stroke about 3 yrs ago,and I work midnights,and all she said to me was "you calling to find out if I'm dead to see what you can get?????I'm so fed up with her and money issues.What mother asks their child to let them know when the father dies so she can get the money????What Grandmother tosses her flesh and blood aside but can sit and color with her neighbours grand daughters?I so want to write her a letter that would make her hurt,instead I came here to vent.She's unbelievable everything is always about money.On her 60th birthday I bought her 60 carnations her favorite had them delivered to the bingo hall I was treating her to,and instead of saying thank you,I got"your an *******".

As a mom myself my son recently asked to move back in he's 22,and I had no hesitation,regardless whether my husband liked the fact we were alone.Further more if my husband ever tried to lay a hand on my child,I would intervene,if not take the hit myself,and I allow my son to choose his relationships and either learn or grow from them.So while my mom never physically abused me the emotional and verbal abuse stay with me for along time.I learned from my mother not to be the way she is.And I'm seriously considering cutting off all ties to her.

I just cut ties with my "mother" yesterday. I hadn't spoke to her in a couple of years and everybody kept saying,"But she is your Mother. You need to talk to her." Bullshit! She's a selfish ***** and she has hurt me for the last time! Unless people have lived in your shoes they have NO IDEA and should STFU about what you should do! No one should have to put up with emotional vampires!

Just because someone is in your family or your mother does not mean you should HAVE to be in touch with them. We have a choice as human beings who we want to choose to invest our time in.

Some friends may treat you nicer than your mom or parents ever did. What silly logic to say just because they are your family you should talk to them. What if they abused you?