My Mother Is A *****!

Okay this all started when our family (my mom, my 2 sisters, and i) was introduced to my moms new boyfriend they had been dating before we knew about it. Before he came into the picture my mom would act like a ***** by calling us names and occasionally slapping us, she would always hide out in her room and ignore us. When said boyfriend stepped in she was happy and loved to be a part of our family and was home more often. Then said boyfriend lost his job and had to find another our family that was poor to begin with had even less money. This sent mom into a fit and she started to become more of a ***** again. Then i got a boyfriend, one who loves me and cares for me and would do anything for me. My mom actually set me up with him to get away from my ex. Now that she found out i love him she has been trying everything she can to separate us and I'm sick of it. She has tried to take away my phone before i moved out and she lied to me about him to get us to break up. All unsuccessful and i cant stand it. Now that i am getting married she has been throwing a fit and i don't know what to do.

kat92 kat92
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2010